Tree trimming is necessary to keep the trees healthy. It will also prevent tree branches from straying into the way of power lines. You can also shape trees when you trim them. If you have tree limbs that are dead or broken, you can help to prevent rot from spreading to live healthy branches when you trim them off. Tree trimming is not the same for all trees so make sure that you look to find the right procedure before you start trimming the tree.

Pine tree trimming

This is an evergreen plant. Trimming should be done between early June and July.

• Any diseased or damaged branches of this tree are usually presented on the inside of the tree. Tree trimming should start from the inside and go outwards.
• You need to avoid tree trimming on hot/dry days because doing it on these days can weaken the tree.
• Make sure that the equipment you use is well sanitized. This will prevent the transfer of insects and their eggs from one tree to another tree.
• The dormancy for pine trees is between early spring and late fall. During this period, the sap flow is decreased. Tree trimming, training, and shaping a pine tree during this dormancy period will encourage growth afterwards.

Apple tree trimming

Tree trimming will help the overall growth and fruit production.

• Late winter or early spring is the ideal time for tree trimming as this is the dormant phase.
• If you have to remove tree suckers you should do this in the summer
• You need to do the first pruning before you see the growth of the buds. After the tree has reached a height of thirty-six inches, you should do regular pruning.

Oak tree trimming

• Tree trimming of your oak tree is best done in the winter because this is when it reaches its peak dormancy level
• In the winter, the chances of pest infestation resulting from the cuts on the branches decrease
• When tree trimming your oak tree you should start to trim from the underside of the branch, leaving about one foot between the main branch and the cut.
• During the process of cutting underneath, you should continue tree trimming until the quarter of width of the branch. Once you reach this width, you should start the cutting process from above. Continue the cutting from the top of the branch until you have completely cut off the branch.
• You need to carry out the tree trimming of your oak tree every season when it is in the developmental stage. After the oak tree has matured, you should reduce the tree trimming procedure.

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