One of the most significant transitions we face as adults are starting a new job. Yes, it's exhilarating, but it always reminds me of the first day of school: a mix of anxiety, jitters, and pressure to retain a lot of new information.

Because time is money, promptly and efficiently training a new recruit has a direct influence on your revenue. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing work situations, most training time is expedited; we don't have weeks to get individuals up to speed. This article will provide you with some advice on how to expedite new employee training for the benefit of your company.

Short training sessions should be used

Refrain from forcing a new hire to sit through prolonged training sessions when they are overwhelmed with material. Set up smaller training sessions throughout the day instead, so that a new hire doesn't absorb too much material all at once.

Host a mix of in-person and video training sessions whenever possible. By participating in a variety of training sessions, a new hire is well-equipped to stay engaged throughout a training program.

Form an action plan

Make a plan for onboarding a new employee. The plan should detail the new hire's job and duties, as well as the actions necessary to get him or her up to speed. Also, share your onboarding strategy with a new hire. As a result, the new hire will have a better understanding of what to expect during the onboarding process and will be able to plan accordingly.

Make Connections

When a new member of your team joins, it's only natural to introduce her to others. Consider how you'd feel if you met a million individuals on the same day: it's difficult to recall everyone's names, roles, and faces.

Make a list of key contacts to meet and provide some background on each person's name, position, and job with the organization to make introductions a little more strategic. Make a list of everything and give it to her. If you know of any shared interests between your new team member and another individual, include it as well, such as the fact that they are both baseball enthusiasts or have young children. This tiny cheat sheet will be a huge help to her in remembering new contacts and getting the relationship-building process started.

Provide Resources

Make a list of resources for new employees to look over, such as annual reports, the company intranet and website, and any recent marketing materials. While going through old data may seem tedious, reports and presentations from previous years can be helpful in getting someone up to speed before they start working.

Be Available

Starting a new job is stressful for everyone, but as a manager, you have the power to make the process go far more smoothly. Take the time to make your new employee feel at ease and welcome, and offer her support while she learns the ropes of her new job. Remember that the more time you invest in the beginning, the faster you'll have a fantastic team member and the better off you'll be when it comes to starting your relationship with them.


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