Tennis fitness comprises of a combination of elements, including explosive power, speed muscular endurance, quickness, agility and flexibility. It is important to know what areas of your fitness you need to improve. Start improving your tennis fitness and you’ll start winning more matches.

Tennis Fitness: What You Should Focus On

Should you focus on tennis strength training or boosting your agility? Should you focus on aerobic or anaerobic exercises? The following tips for tennis fitness will help you determine which tennis workout will benefit you the most:

Muscular Tennis Fitness Training versus Bodybuilding: You don’t need or want “gym” muscles. Ok, you can show them off, but that’s about all gym muscles are good for. What is more important in tennis fitness is to be able to pack power into your shots throughout a match that may last for many hours. Thus, your focus should be on muscular endurance and reactive power. For increased muscular endurance, you should opt for exercises such as squats, lunges, biceps curls, triceps extensions and chest presses. For increased reactive power, you should try exercises such as skipping, shock jumps, ankle jumps and sprints.

Anaerobic Training versus Aerobic Training: You need both in your tennis fitness regime. Aerobic training focuses on moderate-intensity workouts over a long duration. Work on your aerobic training to increase your stamina to stay strong over the course of a long match. However, a point is normally characterized by quick, high-intensity movements. To become quicker around the court, focus on anaerobic training.

Focus on Flexibility: Running, stopping, starting, hitting balls that are almost out of reach, and doing it all without hurting yourself requires integrating a flexibility module into your tennis fitness training. To increase your flexibility we recommend a combination of static and dynamic stretching.

Focus on Footwork: Footwork drills are an essential part of fitness for tennis. You may need to move forward, sideways or backward, very quickly and without losing balance. Exercises that will help you improve your footwork include shuffle steps and crossover steps, just to name a few.

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