We all live our life very differently. Although we quickly learn to react to our environment based on our own experiences and upbringing, each of us is different and therefore, will apply our own learning towards what I sometimes call the ’survival’ game. We move day in and day out, sometimes in pilot mode. We are so accustomed to our regular routine, that we forget that there is more to life…plus, we don’t miss what we’ve never had, right?

As a Life Coach, I work with people wanting more out of life. Most complaints revolve around lack of time, insufficient money, unsatisfying relationships, lack of success at work and poor health. Work starts by analyzing what each person wants. At the end of the day, it all goes back to you. What do you want, where do you want to be…? If those questions can be answered, then a good portion of the fight is already won.

Measuring successful living is certainly not easy and like I said, it will vary from individual to individual; yet, the following principles will apply to whatever your desired outcome is:

DO define success. Be specific! What do you want…new career, better health, more money? That element becomes your goal (or focus) and therefore, you need to know where you are aiming for.

DON’T allow other people views and goals, take priority over yours. Your own goal may be an instrument for you to meet other goals, but do not take other people’s values and pretend they are yours. The outcome will not satisfy you.

DO use resources. If your best friend also wants to lose weight, join her efforts as you lose weight yourself. If you are looking for a new job, let people around you know; sometimes people close to you may be your best employment agent ever.

DO check in regularly. Check in with yourself and see how you are doing. Measure the things you are doing right and make a point to do more of them; if something is not working, identify it quickly and start eliminating the behavior.

DON’T let apparent failures dictate your next course of action. What is often seen as failures are opportunities to reflect and explore other ways to do things.

DO surround yourself with positive people. I can’t say enough about getting the right kind of energy when you allow positive people around you. It becomes a give and take, share that energy and see it grow.

DO celebrate each step of the way. One of my favorite phrases is ‘enjoy the journey.’ This is your life and you don’t get to repeat whatever has happened already. Be aware and be present, in the moment. That way you ensure you are taking in everything that contributes to your successful life.

So in essence, your vision of a successful life can be created when you define it and protect it from getting diluted. Check in consistently to see how much you have accomplished and celebrate each and every step you are taking. When you are present and aware of what is happening; when you refuse to live in auto-pilot, and when you adamantly reject energies that do not contribute to your moving forward, you are taking charge and getting closer to the successful life you have always wanted!

If you are stuck on your quest to achieve a successful life; if you have not been able to reach goals and don’t know why; Life Coaching can be for you. Call today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation and learn how Professional Life Coaching can be a tool for you to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

© 2010 Maria Martinez

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I partner with individuals and business owners that want to grow and take their accomplishments to a new level. By identifying and setting goals milestones are reached, stressors are reduced and individuals enjoy time to spend with their families and doing the things they enjoy.

As YOUR Coach, I am your partner in the pursuit of your career or personal goals. For more information about Maria Martinez or her Life Coaching business; you can contact her at maria@inneractivecoachingonline.com or on the web: inneractivecoachingonline.com