Are you in love with farmhouse cabinets but are afraid to buy them simply because you think they won’t match the aesthetics of your modern-style kitchen? Well, this is understandable. Thanks to their classic background, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are more often looked at as less ideal for modern-style interior design.

But the truth of the matter is that farmhouse-style drawers can match modern kitchen designs. In this article, we aim to let you know tips for making farmhouse cabinets stand out in a modern-style cooking space.

Therefore, continue reading if you want to see your kitchen remarkably stand out visually courtesy of your favorite farmhouse-style cabinets.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are some of the iconic classic cabinetry designs trending in 2023. These drawers are known to be exotic, strong, functional, and easier to work with. Besides typical traditional cupboard designs, farmhouse-style cabinets presently feature a myriad of contemporary-style cabinet design features.

Here are the latest ideas on farmhouse cabinets;

1. RTA Farmhouse Cabinets

The most recent cabinets adorned with farmhouse aesthetics are RTA cabinets; that is, cabinets sold as ready-to-assemble components or parts. Unlike their traditional counterparts, RTA farmhouse kitchen cabinets are cheaper and more convenient to move from place to place. Because they come with different finishing, color, and material options, these drawers are widely regarded as versatile, which is one reason for their popularity.

2. Distressed Farmhouse-Style Cabinets

Farmhouse cabinet varieties also feature cabinet designs with distressed or weathered wood appearance. Whereas the majority of distressed-looking farmhouse cabinets are defined by classic aesthetics, several modern-style varieties are currently in circulation. Thanks to their weathered-wood outlook, farmhouse cabinets with distressed appearance are uniquely functional in terms of ease of usage and durability.

3. Flat Panel Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Besides ready-to-assemble and distressed cabinet designs, varieties of farmhouse kitchen cabinets also feature drawer designs with flat-panel constructions. These drawers come in a myriad of shapes, and layouts and are convenient when it comes to usage and maintenance. Because they have a thin demeanor, they are easier to style and perfect at restraining smudges like dust particles.

How to Give a Modern Kitchen a Facelift with Farmhouse Cabinets

As we have observed, farmhouse cabinets can match countless numbers of modern-style kitchen interior designs. In using them to enhance the interior outlook of your modern cooking space, all you need to do is the following.

Paint Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, when left unpainted, farmhouse kitchen cabinets can project an old-school look in any modern-style pantry, especially if they are wholesomely products of natural wood. But if you try applying to them any paint that aligns with modern-style interior design aesthetics, you will be amazed at how their outlook will seem transformed.

If you choose to paint farmhouse cabinets rather than go for newer painted varieties, you must liaise with paint and interior design professionals to get access to tips for painting. Unless you want to be bankrupt, you must work with a budget.

Mix Farmhouse Cabinets with Metals

Whether you agree or not, metals and modern-style kitchens go hand-in-hand. For this reason, a modern kitchen interior can never stand out visually in the absence of metals, whether in terms of cabinet accessories, accentual features, or even hardware components. Fortunately, when it comes to metals, choices are limitless.

You can let various cabinet components and décor materials inside your kitchen shine with golden, chrome, stainless steel, or even aluminum finishes, all of which are perfect for any modern-style interior outlook.

Mix Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets with Colors

Besides painting farmhouse kitchen cabinets and mixing them with metallic elements, you can pair farmhouse cabinets with décor materials featuring diverse colors to make the interior they are in seem statement-making. The most significant thing you need to remember when pairing farmhouse-style cupboards with colorful décor items is to choose colors that align with their appearance.

Besides conventional color palettes, you can go for various natural wood or metallic undertones, based on what you want your scullery to look like. Another sure strategy regarding making a kitchen with farmhouse cabinets stand out courtesy of color mixing involves the application of contrasting tones to the farmhouse cabinets inside it.

Consider Cabinet Refurbishment

In case they are worn out or old-looking, farmhouse-style cupboards are likely to seem unfit for a modern kitchen interior. Given the degree of glamour and elegance typical in modern kitchen designs, there’s arguably no way the interior of a modern-style kitchen can stand out with old or worn-out farmhouse cabinets inside it.

Therefore, you may have to refurbish your old farmhouse cabinets if you want your kitchen to look modern with them. Generally speaking, cabinet refurbishment is all about replacing worn-out fixtures and components on cabinets. If their sizes or shapes are wanting, you can outfit them to make them seem more exotic.

What are the Benefits of Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

Regardless of whether you own a classic or contemporary pantry, you stand to gain a lot if you opt for farmhouse cabinets. Some of the benefits of going for these drawers include;

#1: Access to Multiple Design Options: Because they come in varying types, farmhouse kitchen cabinets can perfectly allow you to choose your ideal cabinet designs among numerous options. Generally speaking, everyone would love to make a choice where options are immense.

#2: Enhanced Kitchen Functionality: Thanks to their unparalleled durability ratings, farmhouse cabinets are amazingly cost-effective in terms of maintenance. The fact that they are more often harmonious with multiple interior designs also makes them convenient in terms of styling.

Where Can I Find Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

Thanks to the fact that farmhouse cabinets are now sold in masses online and offline, finding them is an exciting and effortless affair. Through any internet-enabled device, you can window-shop and subsequently shop on any e-commerce website. Alternatively, you can opt to buy Farmhouse kitchen cabinets in land-based stores, especially if you are not a pro-internet shopping person.

Final Thoughts

Are you an ardent fan of farmhouse kitchen cabinets? If yes, don’t waste time. Regardless of the degree of modernity in your kitchen’s interior design aesthetics, farmhouse cabinets are good for it. Besides their visual aesthetics, farmhouse-style drawers are worth it because they are versatile, durable, and easier to find.

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