Organisations willing to create a compelling online presence are always eager to get the best web developers. Mobile app developers are also hot in the market. Mobile apps and websites help an entrepreneur reach the target audience through a dynamic interface. While some firms have in-house developers, others hire freelancing experts for their requirements. Outsourcing web design and development company is generally a cost-effective idea. Before making a final choice, one has to be sure about the performance of the player selected. From a list of web or app developer portfolio, only one is selected. The tips provided below can assist the firm’s HR department or entrepreneur to hire or source the best developer.

1. Role specifications
At first jot down the technical skills, you expect from the near to perfect developer. Back end task is mostly about Javascript and coding software, while front end development is more design-based. Advances in IT have led to the emergence of new and advanced web application development software. Be specific about what kind of profile meets the needs of your firm. If you need a person with an eye for design, you can look for prior experience in design-based software. Else you can opt for a techie who is adept in coding. In case your website works on the iOS platform, look for experts in Objective C and Swift. Desirable skills include storyboarding and multi-threading skills. Try to assess whether the candidate meets the specific skill set, in the screening round itself. A candidate proficient in advanced software mostly gets a competitive edge.

As a recruiter or entrepreneur, you cannot ignore the value of creativity or originality. Insistence on a specific software can sometimes lead to non-selection of a creative candidate. Prioritise skills over experience. A developer with potential skills can learn faster in a fast-paced environment. Do not overlook issues relating to the firm’s security and privacy. Honesty and integrity are of the utmost value.

2. Set a budget in line with the market value
Engineers are the most demanded in the technical domain. Indeed, engineers will demand high rates for their service. To get the most eligible candidate, set a bid that conforms to the competitive market. Decide your budget and give a clear statement as to how much you can afford against quality service.

3. Emphasise on team spirit
Mostly, engineers and techno-savvy staff prefer to work independently. But a project may be complex and need more than one mind for accomplishment. So, try to seek team players, who act like links of a chain. Try having candidates who love sharing information and seek an interactive platform for knowledge diffusion. A web developer can assess client requirements better if he is a team person. You can try a mobile app development agency if you think alone engineer falls short of the final deliverables. Ensure that the person is responsive and a team strategist.

4. Professionalism matters
A product not submitted in time fails to impress, regardless of its quality. Moreover, timely submission contributes to the cycle of iteration, that leads to software development. The developer must complete the project undertaken in time. In case of delay, one must report the specific reason for a project delay.

5. Performance standards
Test the web or mobile developer to assess his coding skills systematically. Confident applicants love getting tested. Ensure that his performance standards conform to every activity of the business. Maintain a record of performance standards of developers for your future projects.

6. Willingness
Select a candidate who is eager to learn and can even accept negative feedback. Such a business partner will be an asset to the company for a long time.

7. Portfolio selection
Whether you get in touch with a web developer and mobile application development company, both will flash off their attributes. Don’t be carried away by interesting marketing tag-lines. Verify their promises by asking specific questions from the attached portfolio. Take a look at the track record and customer reviews or ratings.

8. Prototyping tests
Contemporary organisations test recruits via a CTO. Web and mobile developers are monitored to assess their skills in real-time. They are also guided through the organisation to discover its nuances. Prototyping tests helps the developer feel like a link in the overall process. Eventually, a CTO develops a professional connection with him.

9. Sequential screening process for selection
Selecting the right candidate needs careful planning. Design a process including steps like a phone or online screening, face to face interview, group discussion and prototyping test. The exact methodology differs according to the nature of the organisation. But, through such processes, you can allow the most enthusiastic and deserving e-commerce portals to join your team.

10. Networking skills
Select a person who has contacts with other web developers. Many technical glitches require thorough consideration by an expert. An engineer who knows to get the right thing done by the right buddy evinces networking skills. A mobile app developer can work smarter by interacting with a mobile application development company. Such a person will indeed help the company rise ahead and earn brand value.


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