Take heart; you're not alone. Almost every American suffers from back pain at some point in his or her life.

Maybe you lifted something heavy or swung a golf club a little too enthusiastically. Or maybe you've been hunched over a desk or computer for two weeks, battling a deadline. Whatever the reason, now your back is "out," and you're wishing for something, anything, that will put an end to the agony.

If you're experiencing your first really bad backache, you're probably panicking a little about the pain and its implications - What if it never goes away? Our first piece of advice is, relax. Low back pain is very common. About 80% of American adults will miss work at some point because of it. And most of the time, it's neither permanent nor serious: 95% of backaches go away within six weeks, with no specific treatment.

In this article, you will learn all about back pain and how to relieve it:

Heat Therapy: Heat therapy, also called thermotherapy, is the use of heat in therapy, such as for pain relief and health. It can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water, ultrasound, heating pad, hydrocollator packs, whirlpool baths, cordless FIR heat therapy wraps, and others. It can be beneficial to those with arthritis and stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the skin. Heat may be an effective self-care treatment for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Cold Therapy: Applying a cold compress can reduce pain and swelling. Cold therapy also can numb the affected nerves and distract your mind from the source of your pain. But, using ice for too long can cause stiffness. Our therapist at Alliance Physical Therapy VA recommends using cold therapy for pain in the first 24 to 48 hours after pain starts. To avoid causing damage to the skin, apply cold packs for no more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Always put a towel between your skin and the cold pack.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can strengthen the muscles in your back to help relieve back pain or regain motion. At Alliance Physical Therapy VA, our Lower Back Program uses a standardized, functional and outcomes-oriented approach to care that focuses specifically on the lower back. Through an active and educational continuum of treatment, our therapists assist the patient in returning to normal, daily activities as soon as possible. By providing comprehensive education in anatomy, pathology and care of the lower back, the patient is empowered to participate in his or her recovery and in the prevention of future injury.

Water Exercise: Warm water is a good place to stretch and strengthen your back muscles. Water allows your muscles to relax and acts as resistance to help build muscle strength. Buoyancy makes it feel easier and more comfortable to exercise. To get a full-body workout in the water, you'll need access to a heated pool. You can do warm-water exercise on a smaller scale in your own tub, spa or whirlpool bath.

Massage Therapy: Patients who received two 30-minute massage sessions per week for five weeks reported less back pain, anxiety and depression, and better sleep than a control group. They also demonstrated better low back flexibility and had higher levels of pain-relieving hormones.

Lose Weight: The benefits of weight loss are probably greatest for people with the most weight to lose, but even those who carry around an extra 10 or 20 pounds could benefit from losing weight. For most people, that means increasing your level of exercise, while decreasing the amount you eat.

Take Care of Your Feet: If you have back pain after standing or walking, take a look at your shoes. Wearing shoes with high heels or heels with uneven wear can throw off your posture and put unnecessary stress on your back – and your knee joints as well.

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