When you are trying to work you can often become overwhelmed with deadlines and tasks that you have to do. One of the key ways to improve the quality of your working day is to manage your time correctly to reduce stress and improve your personal satisfaction. Here are eight tips to help you achieve this:-

1. Use the correct tools

It is very hard to do the correct job, on time and to high standards if you are unable to have access to the correct tools. By taking on tasks that you are correctly prepared for, you are able to do a correct job, on time and avoid stress.

2. Set accurate expectation

When you interact with colleagues and clients, ensure that you set accurate expectations of when anything you commit to doing can be done. Always under promise and over deliver. This way you will find that you are not taking on deadline that will lead to uncomfortable pressure.

3. Always keep people informed of your progress

By advising clients on your progress, you are able to stop them from chasing you and keep them informed as to the progress of your work. For example, if you are running an online store, letting clients know that you have received their order, then when it is dispatched will help to reduce customer service calls and improve your reviews. If you also provide details of the domestic or international courier service used with their shipments tracking number, they can follow up their delivery directly with the carrier.

4. Be sympathetic

All clients and colleagues will have challenges and bad days. If you take the time to be sympathetic and relate to these challenges, they will be less adversarial and you find that the problem becomes easier to resolve and less stressful.

5. Learn to say no

When your clients or colleagues are asking for your time, ensure that you only commit to work and deadlines that you can achieve. Saying no it is not possible is a key skill to set accurate expectations that you can deliver on stress-free.

6. Plan your time

Always keep a diary and plan your time. Once you have blocked out time for a specific task, do not over commit to doing other tasks within the same period. Adjust your tasks up and down as they get crossed off your list. Consider using a time management tool to do this.

7. Learn how to end a conversation

It is important that you spend your time on the tasks that you have committed to. Therefore, if you find that you get caught up in other conversations it is important to politely get used to ending a conversation so that you can resume your planned tasks.

8. Refer enquires to published resources

Try not to spend your valuable time repeating the same answers to standard frequent questions. Instead, create an FAQ section on your website or have articles that address common questions addressed in your published blog posts. For example, if a client has a question about the duty and taxes that they might incur in shipping to USA, by referring them to a well-crafted blog post that answers this questions can reduce the amount of time that you need to spend helping them.

I hope that these tips will help you to improve the way you manage your time and reduce the stress levels that you have in the workplace. After all, we spend so much time working we all need to make our time there as stress-free as possible.

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I'm a writer; illustrator, columnist, and an editorial fellow. My previous work includes roles in digital journalism and content writer. I did graduation in Journalism.