Cardiac surgeries are noted as one of the most complex surgeries and thus it requires a lot of care and precautions to recover after surgery. The initial phase of recovery usually extends to 6 to 8 weeks. After the discharge from the hospital, a patient is given a set of precautions for the patient’s post-surgery care. Here are some precautions that help a patient to heal and feel better:

1. Care for the wound
It is always advised to keep the cuts dry and clean. The patients are allowed to bathe within a few days. The heart specialists in Darbhanga, Bihar, helps their patients to heal better for a better quality of living after surgery. In the cases of below mentioned infections one should contact a doctor immediately:
• Redness or warmth around the cut
• Unusual drainage and oozing
• Fever more that 100 Fahrenheit
• Pulling apart of edges
• Feeling a shift of the breast bone
• Popping or cracking of breast bone when you move

2. Relief for pain
After the discharge the patients are prescribed some medications for the relief from discomfort around the stitches such as numbness, itching and pain. Such issues are normal, but they shouldn’t affect as it did before surgery. The best hospitals for cardiac surgery in Darbhanga have best cardiologists in India that offers a proper care for the relief of the patient. In the cases of bypass surgeries legs hurt more as compared to the chest, this soreness as well as stiffness fades away with the course of time.

3. Daily activities
In the initial 6 to 8 weeks the daily activities are built up by doing some light household chores. With this the doctors prohibit the below mentioned activities:
• Standing in one place longer than 15 minutes.
• Lifting things weighing more than 10 pounds
• Pushing and pulling heavy objects
It is advised to take walks on the regular basis and unless you are prohibited, you can climb stairs.

4. Diet
For a quick healing process, healthy diet is a must. Some specific items will be told to be avoided by your doctor. After the surgery, a patient loses its appetite that improves after some time, if that doesn’t happen then you need to consult your doctor regarding that.

5. Emotional well-being
It is a common thing that after a surgery, a patient goes through an emotional turmoil and feel sad. These feelings fade away after some time and if it doesn’t, then the following steps are recommended to keep up the spirits of the patients:
• Indulge in hobbies
• Take a walk
• Sharing of feelings
• Good sleep
• Get dressed daily

6. Sleep and Rest
Disturbance in sleeping patterns is normal after the cardiac surgery which improves within a few months. It is advised to take medications about half an hour before bedtime, avoid naps during the day and intake of caffeine in the evening.

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