It may seem obvious but make sure you have a good pair of boots that have been well broken in. Take a pair of trainers that you can wear on the mountain and always keep a pair of clean socks for summit day.

When on Kilimanjaro drink as much water as you can, it is better to pee all night and be hydrated than it is to become dehydrated. At minimal to moderately high altitude, dehydration is more responsible for illness than shortage of oxygen. Many confuse the symptoms of altitude sickness with dehydration. Even at 1,800 metres above sea level (6,000 feet) the body’s demand for water is higher than normal, as you perspire twice as much. The amount of perspiration increases with altitude due to the drop in air pressure and low humidity, resulting in a rapid increase in the evaporation of moisture from the skins surface and lungs. The body relies on water to function therefore it’s important to sip water regularly.

At higher altitudes, many people do not feel thirsty therefore it is important to be conscious of how much water you are consuming. Don’t drink coffee or fizzy drinks as these will help dehydrate the body. Symptoms of dehydration are: headaches, tiredness, or dizziness may appear first, and is often mistaken for altitude sickness.

Carry a supply of wet wipes and antibacterial hand wash. This will help keep the germs away and stop you from getting any form of Kilimanjaro belly. If this tip fails make sure you have a supply of Imodium. The easiest way to become dehydrated is through diarrhea.

Take snack food you enjoy eating. Most people lose their appetite at altitude but it is important to keep your strength up which can be achieved through eating the foods you enjoy.

Take an MP3 player for summit day. It involves a long uphill walk in the dark and a MP3 player will help the time pass as you follow the feet in front of you.

Always listen to the guys who work on the mountain. The advice they give you will help get you to the summit.

Carry US dollar bills in low denominations, 1, 5, 10s & 20s. These can be used for tipping at the end of the expedition and can be used to buy snack items on the mountain should you desire.

Make sure the company you choose has an ethical policy for their staff. If they can’t look after their own on the mountain how are they going to look after you? Cheap isn’t always good but neither is expensive. Look at the average cost of expeditions and choose a company in that price bracket.

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