The most exciting part of having a photo booth set-up is you can take advantage of all the different types of poses that you may be aware of. Even if they include awkward head-shots or impish grins- as anything and everything goes.

The whole point of ‘Watching The Birdie, Saying Cheese’ and ‘Striking The Perfect Pose’ is to have FUN. For those who are a little shy, here are some tips for achieving great poses. 

  • “Your Chin In Both Hands With Each Going Up The Side Of Your Face.”

Though it is simple, for someone shy, especially when on camera, this may be the best way to open them up and make them bring out their creative side. 

By placing the chin in both hands and each going up the side of their face gives them a litany of fun poses to try. And once, the basic chin-in-place is achieved confidently; it’s all left to their facial expressions- like flashing eye-lashes, giving a wide smile or an even a bored expression or even a cute bubbly pose by blowing their cheeks. It will result in adorable looking pictures. 

  • “Bring Out Those Famous Poses From History, TV, Movies Or Anywhere Else.”

Over the years; everyone has seen some famous poses- like The Mona Lisa Smile, Django swag-ish stance, Mr Spock’s hand gesture, etc. 

This works very well for a small-medium group bursting with excitement and positive energy. The trick is for everyone to strike the poses correctly in unison or else the picture won’t be as impressive as one wants.

However, the good thing about photo booth hire arrangements in Melbourne is that everyone can take pictures as many times as they want till they get it right.

  • “Favourite Dance Moves & Freeze-in-Place Poses.” 

Another good thing about photo booth arrangements is that you can get full-body pictures, which could lead to some wonderful pictures. 

You can pick out some popular dance moves either from movies like Step-up, Dirty Dancer or from some popular music stars like Shakira, Beyonce, J.Lo, Madonna and even the famous Moon-Walk from the King Of Pop. 

Yes, they make way for some excellent poses, especially if everyone makes their opted dance moves properly and the rest enact freeze-in-place poses. It could easily offset all taken pictures, thus making every participant proud and happy.

  • Smother The Cheek-With-KissesLeft-Right Pose.” 

Another way to make your photo booth pictures sweet and fun are with the kiss on the cheek pose. The interesting thing about this pose is that if one individual can have 3-4 people kissing them on the cheeks. 

And while it may be enjoyable for the person getting kissed, it is also important for her/him to find time to give out those fun expressions at the same time.

Last Words:- 

A lot of people emphasise on using props or wigs to achieve memorable pictures. And even though this is true, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do the same without them.

These fun poses are the perfect example to showcase your creative, fun and naughty side when posing for your cheap photo booth hire in Melbourne at your next event.

So, without wasting time, find out suppliers of ‘event photobooth arrangement near me and ask about their packages and rates.

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