Your household shifting such as kitchen is probably the most hardest and the toughest room that you have to transpire while relocation. It has so much stuff to sort that may take on nerve of any person. So for smooth kitchenware shifting here are few tips:

1. Sort, select and simplify: Before you move first select those items that you are carrying with you and cut out the items you are leaving behind. See to it that there is enough space for all the items in new home that you are moving, in case there is no space, just donate those items to your friends or needy people.

2. Prepare the essentials box: Keep aside all the necessary things you need in your current home for your last two days and for first two days in your new home, these are your essentials like salt box, pulses, dishes, cutlery, toaster, cleaner, soap etc. Keep them in separate box and mark the box as essentials so that you can locate this box when needed.

3. Collect packing materials: For packing kitchenware, you will need large boxes (for packing light weight and hard items such as plastic kitchen ware, dish racks, small appliances etc); medium boxes ( for packing heavier items like pots, pans, drawer contents, utensils etc); heavy duty boxes with thick double walls ( for packing fragile items like plates, glasses etc); unprinted newswrap for packing fragile items including food items and appliances, packing and sealing tapes and marker labels.

4. Pack items that are not frequently used: Items that are not used often like Cookie sheets, pie pans, mixing bowls, spatulas, barbeque tongs etc. in separate box and label it as frequent use items.

5. Packing of liquids: Packing of sauce bottles, juices, cans, oils, vinegar etc. used and unused first find out whether they are worth the cost of moving it. In no then dispose them and some oils like olive oil etc. is worth the moving cost pack them in separate box meant for liquids and make a special mention in the box.

6. Pack the dishes: First wrap all the dishes with newspaper and put them together in the boxes. Take your own time with this step and see to it that these are packed well as any hurry will cost a great damage to these items in transit.

7. Pack the eatables: Sort the items on the basis of their nature – perishable or non perishable and then proceed with packing. Start with spices and work your way to larger one. Avoid canned food as they are not worth moving unless you move yourself. Check the weight of each item and then measure the cost of moving it. Tape up any opened food packages and get rid of all perishables including freezer items unless you are moving nearby.

8. Prepare for appliances: Make sure that you have prepared for large appliances like fridge, dishwasher, stove etc. well in advance. Unplug the fridge at least 24 hours prior to the move. Dispose of all perishables and make sure that you clean it well. Defrost the freezer unit and clean all the containers. If it has icemaker then, disconnect the waterline and make sure it is completely drained. Turn off the gas and disconnect the line before moving. Improper preparation can lead to gas leaks, broken parts and appliances which will not work.

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