Coronavirus has put a stop to the normal routines of people all around the globe. If you are making plans to move to another state, choosing long distance movers to help could save you from the stress of the process.

Social distancing is the only way to stay safe during this pandemic. Those people who don’t have to move during the pandemic can and should wait it out but there are some people who don’t have this choice and therefore must make a move. For those who have to move even in this pandemic there are few tips that people should follow while moving out.

Use Fresh Packaging Boxes

In the past people used to reuse grocery boxes to save their money. This is not a good idea during this pandemic.

Now you can acquire the services of long-distance movers to move the entire home from one state to another without any risk or damage to your belongings.

According to research conducted in New York it was discovered that the virus can live on cardboard boxes for 24 hours. So, if you are moving from one place to another it is recommended that you use new boxes to pack your things. Hiring long distance movers is easier than hiring a truck and loading your belongings yourself. It could be a lot of work for you to do alone, so save yourself some time and make a contract with a moving company. If you share the dates with the company, it will be their responsibility to make all the arrangements necessary to make the move successful without any potential risk or potential damage to your belongings.

Choosing a Professional Moving Company to Move

If you are moving from one place to another state it is very important to hire a professional mover. Always ask them about the safety precautions they are taking to ensure a safe journey during this pandemic. Ask them questions about the safety precautions they are taking and make them understand your safety. Ask them if they are following any specific safety measures and if there is any specific thing that you should be doing during your move.

Choosing a Moving Method that Decreases Contact

In this pandemic if possible, choose a moving method that minimizes the contact between you and other people. Moving into your own car can be a good option. Using storage pods to transfer your things from one place to another also minimizes your contact with others. If you hire professional movers practice social distancing as much you can.

Avoid Handshakes and Greet People With a Smile

During your move if you hire people to transfer things then greet the people with a smile and avoid handshaking. It is safer to avoid hand shaking as the virus is more easily transmitted by contact.

Practice Social Distancing and Stand at a Six-Foot Distance

When you are transferring your belongings than practice social distancing with the drivers and workers that are loading and unloading things. Avoid helping them and let them do it. Keep the children away from people and maintain a distance of six feet between you and the workers.

Follow CDC Recommended Protocol to Control the Spread of Disease

There are a few protocols that you should follow in order to avoid the spread of disease. Wear masks, avoid touching your face, limit sharing your food with others, wash your hands regularly, and disinfect surfaces. Avoid going to crowded places. Stay at home. Don’t move if you are sick and isolate yourself from the other members of the family. Sanitize your hands at regular intervals and don’t go outside. Follow these instructions in order to avoid the spread of disease.

Provide Sanitizing Materials for Move-In Day

You should be sure to provide enough sanitizing materials and protective equipment to all the people that are involved in your move. It is better if you have access to a sink and a soap but if these things are not available then try to have plenty of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves.

Disinfect the Place Before You Unpack Your Material

First clean and disinfect the furniture properly before packing and then sanitize everything including furniture and belongings as you unpack your materials properly. Contact a cleaning agency if you have questions regarding the recycling of boxes and other materials. Stay safe and keep yourself clean.

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