Do you feel tired of not getting respect and attention because of your youthful vibe? You even get the nickname “baby face” all the time because of your appearance. If you don’t want people to tease you because of your looks, these are some tips to help you deal with it.

Wear a more appropriate outfit

Apart from your looks, you might not wear the right outfit. It could be the reason why you’re getting teased. Once you change the way you dress, more people will start treating you with respect. Don’t leave your house unless you have an outfit that looks sharp.

Change your attitude

You might also get teased all the time because you act like a child. If you’re in a corporate setting, you have to try your best to act as if you belong there. Make sure that you don’t play around during work time. You also have to filter your words so that you will get taken seriously.

Grow a beard

Growing a beard might do the trick. Bearded men look more mature. They also look more attractive and powerful. People look up to men who command attention. You want everyone to listen to you when you speak. Even if you are yet to say a word, your beard will already grab people’s attention. You can use beard care products if you want to speed up the growth of your beard, like the ones at

Wear neutral colours

Your choice of colour for clothing might also have something to do with how people perceive you. It helps if you wear clothes of neutral shades. Earth tones are also acceptable. Don’t wear bright or mixed colours. They appear too youthful and might work against your goal.

Wear eyeglasses 

You don’t need to have vision issues to wear eyeglasses. You can wear them for fashion purposes. People will instantly change the way they think of you the moment you put on glasses. You can command attention because it seems like you know what you’re talking about.

Choose the people you hang out with

There’s nothing wrong with having young friends around you, especially outside work. During work hours, you have to select your companions. Make sure that you work with people who are mature and responsible. Getting associated with them helps improve the way people think about you.

Take the lead

Once you have changed your physical appearance, the last thing to do is to take the lead. You have to accept leadership roles even in small projects. It helps if you to take on these responsibilities so that you will receive better treatment.

Eventually, people will get used to your new appearance. Once you can convince everyone that you’re not the same baby face they used to tease, you will feel a lot better. You have to exert more effort and try your best to be conscious of your actions. It takes time for you to change how people view you, especially those who have known you for a while, but it’s possible.

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