Supplier for your business is as important as your customer. Mostly company focuses on building good customer relationships but forget to nurture the suppliers.

Supplier management is a significant part of running your business smoothly. Maintaining good relation with your supplier is so crucial, that if you will let go any of your suppliers you can lose more business as compared to the loss you will face by losing one customer.

Always try to develop a mutual understanding with your supplier and try to maintain a positive, healthy and professional relationship with them.

Here are few tips on how to maintain a cordial relationship with your supplier.

• Two-way communication: Make your relationship more open in terms of communication.Two-way communication is very important to make any relationship strong. Try to meet them as often as you can either with them or their representatives and communicate about your expectations from them and listening to their problems in fulfilling them. This will help both of you to come to some mutual conclusion.

• Set Standards: Make standards in the starting of your deal related to supply that is convenient for both of you. It will become easy to take follow-ups if proper standards are being followed.

• On time payment: If you expect them to supply you on time, then make sure that you are releasing their payments on time. Don’t linger on them at the time of making payments. First of all, it hampers your relation with the supplier and secondly, word of mouth in the market goes negative.

• Be sure about the order: Constantly changing orders and rushing for their orders make your supplier piss off.Before placing an order be sure about your orders and try not to make any unrealistic demands that even you know that supplier cant fulfill.

Companies like believes in delivering the best quality but not all the sourcing companies in the market follow the best practices.

• Return as soon as possible: If you have to make any replacements due to defect or your requirement, make it in the shortest span of time. It will not only help you to get rid of the defective piece, it will also give time to the supplier to look into the matter and make necessary replacements.

• Keep a constant check on market and competitors: Keep reviewing your supplier’s performance, with respect to his competitors, renegotiate with him regarding trade time to time. It is always better to talk to your supplier if you don’t find anything right.

• Don't cut ties promptly: Loyalty is something very important that both of you must have for each other.Always analyze the problem you are facing because of supplier before cutting ties with him.

Even when you make any changes in your business like introducing new products, changes in freight, disruptions are likely to happen. Same is the case with the supplier, even he will have ups and downs in business.

Never forget how important your supplier is, they not only help you to run your business smoothly but can also be a source of information and advice for you to enhance business.

They can help you in trade credit as well. Therefore always keep these points in mind while dealing with your supplier.

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Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.