If there is one thing that deters homebuyers, it is a down payment. Over 85 per cent believe they need to have 10% or more down payment to move in their first home. However, of course, many homebuyers can take benefits of no money down mortgage programs to overcome this obstacle.

No Money Down Mortgage Options to Buy a Home

A down payment is considered as a necessary requirement by most lenders and an obstacle by homebuyers. It is better for all concerned if borrowers willingly put down 10 per cent or more of their home value and qualify for better mortgage terms. However, some no money down mortgage programs can help desperate homebuyers get affordable home loans. Couples and families with little or no down payment savings can exercise their no money down option to satisfy their need for moving into a new home.

Meeting Lender Requirements

Homebuyers concerned with meeting lender requirements should understand the purpose of down payment.

Purpose of Down Payment

  • Borrowers are less likely to default on their home debt.
  • Applying with online service providers like MortgageRefinanceBadCredit can help them achieve approval with minimum amount for down payment requirements. Why? Our service providers make it easy for homeowners to connect with lenders and other financial institutions having no money down mortgage loans bad credit schemes and plans. They have an extensive network of specialized lenders to match customer financial requirements. Homebuyers with any type of credit status will have improved chances of approval by applying online. They can benefit from simplified application to approval process when lenders contact them with offers.

Minimum Amount for Down Payment

  • This may vary from 3.5%, 5% to 20% depending upon it being FHA programs, other government or private lender home mortgage loans. Understand some factors like
    • Borrower’s credit history
    • Amount of requested mortgage
    • Borrowers’ debt to income ratio

Understanding the Down Payment

  • A down payment amount reduces the principal amount by a certain percentage. 10% of home value $ 225,000 equals $22,500 which can be unaffordable for many. Reducing it to 3.5% or 0 helps homebuyers move into their home immediately.

Loans That Have No Money Down Options

Loans that can help home buyers with no money down options are government sponsored VA mortgage and the USDA mortgage loans. Applying for no money down mortgage loans bad credit is a serious process and borrowers should qualify financially.

Loans with Low Down Payment Options

  • While FHA MORTGAGE require borrowers to pay 3.5%, Conventional 97 program offered by Fannie Mae and Fannie Mae Home ready allows borrowers to pay 3% down payment.
  • Some State Specific Mortgage Programs are
    • WHEDA program in Wisconsin for lower income individuals wishing to buy first home
    • Minnesota has ‘Start Up’ program for borrowing money necessary for down payment and closing costs
    • State of Illinois offers ‘1st Home Illinois’ in some counties allowing a down payment grant for first time buyers.

Your lenders can inform you of similar programs in your area.

Is A Low or No Money Down Mortgage Right for You?

Choosing a mortgage with no money down bad credit can give you some benefits like

  • Moving into a new home sooner
  • Savings for other moving-in purchases
  • Benefits from low home mortgage loans rates
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