Continuing our exploration of living large, it is time to become empowered and take our new perspectives out into the world.

In this fourth and final segment on Tips for Living Large, we will explore techniques that assist you in rapidly moving forward toward your new goals, allowing you to gain comfort and familiarity with aligning yourself with your preferred way of living in the world. Awareness Engineering combines contemporary healing techniques, quantum reality concepts, ancient disciplines and philosophy to help individuals uncover these answers.

Empower Yourself
The following two technique reminds you of the awesome fullness of the spirit that you were created to be:

Empowerment Symbol

The Empowerment Symbol is a powerful means for quickly reconnecting with desired states of emotion or perception. It is classified as an "anchoring" technique, as quickly moving you from feelings of deficiency, and anchoring you in more desirable states of courage, confidence, and so forth.

The concept of the Empowerment Symbol developed when it was naturally produced during a session in my office. The client had conjured a strong positive emotional response that was appropriate to anchor as a gift and future resource. This has since become a useful and versatile contribution to the practice of hypnotherapy.

Eliciting the Empowerment Symbol

The additional benefit of the Empowerment Symbol is that it can be self-administered without need for another person to facilitate.

1. Determine the trait that you desire to access.

2. Remember a previous time when you have experienced that feeling.

3. Enhance that feeling, using as many modalities as possible – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, emotions, memories, imagination, etc.

4. Ask your subconscious mind to produce for you a symbol, a metaphorical object, which represents this feeling.

5. Examine and describe the object – its size, weight, color, texture, and so forth.

Remember to practice visualizing the symbol whenever you desire to experience the power of those traits it represents. You may also create new and different Empowerment Symbols for each trait, or to be used in different circumstances.

Role Model

The Role Model is another anchoring technique that allows you to obtain traits that you admire in others, or traits that you imagine you will have when you accomplish the goals of your healing and change.

Eliciting a Role Model

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Imagine a person who has the traits that you desire, or imagine a version of you who has already acquired those traits. Allow your imagination to create a very vivid representation of the chosen role model.

When you are ready, take a breath, count 3, 2, 1, and imagine stepping into that person. Notice the energy, attitudes, and perspectives of that role model.

Then step back out of them. Notice how that feels and what is different. Step back in, again noticing any changes. Continue to step in and out until you can easily maintain the desired traits and claim them as your own.

Remember that our true nature is bright and perfect. Anything less than that is a 'trance state' or 'baggage'. Once you have experienced the sensations of being in that role model you can realize that the desired state is readily at hand. You do not have to fake it to be that new person – the lesser state you have been experiencing has not actually been the real one.

Test the Waters

Start with a change that tests your nerve, yet is achievable and surmountable. The more you sit and think about living larger, the larger the problem looms. As you begin to step outside the envelope and break up normal patterns, you quickly learn how non-threatening that is. Change the word anxiety to excitement. As you begin to enjoy the excitement of the adventure, you also will enjoy the response of people around you finding you more interesting – and of course best of all – you will find your own life more interesting!

Invest In Yourself

Living large may mean that you have to reapportion your time or your money. You may find yourself taking classes, purchasing new equipment for your adventures, or practicing a new skill set. Based on your values, as discussed above, be sure that your time, energy, and resources are aligned.

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