In this second part of our exploration of living large, we look at a small selection of the fears that hold us back. Awareness Engineering combines contemporary healing techniques, quantum reality concepts, ancient disciplines and philosophy to help individuals uncover these answers.

Rethink Your Fears
Oftentimes that which we fear never actually takes place. We spend a lifetime fearing some eventuality that never arrives. It has also been discovered that we frequently fear in wild disproportion to what might actually occur. And the bottom line is that none of the fear – and the resulting anxiety, worry, distraction of it all – really does any good. In most cases, it reduces our ability to be intuitive or even present in our lives, and it leads to serious deterioration of our health and, particularly, our immune system.

Fear is different from fright which is a here and now reaction to an imminent threat that requires immediate action. Fright elicits the flight or fight response and is a natural survival response, while fear is a nebulous, undefined, projection of possible danger.

Three Faces of Fear that Stop Us

Change is natural and beneficial. It is required for growth and improvement. If everything remained static, there would be no possibility for a raise, a better job, that new relationship, weight loss, and other goals.

Guilt has one purpose. It alerts us to the possibility that we have done something counter to reality or to our personal philosophy. When true, a correction must be made as rapidly as possible. Then release the guilt. If the guilty feeling is unfounded, there is no purpose in maintaining guilt.

Duty and Obligation
Duty and obligation are irrational and require that a person negate their value system. When a person's actions are based on duty, it implies that their value system would dictate a different course of action. Free choice is the only proper relationship to one's life and values, resulting in health, happiness, and sustainability.

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