To learn how to dance salsa like a salsa star, follow these tips:

1) Take your time. Learning how to salsa Tips for Learning Salsa Dance
is not a daily process, so don't expect to understand it right away. While easy over time, give yourself time, be patient and practice, practice, practice.

2) Buy salsa music! By investing in at least one salsa album, you're off to a great start.

Here are some recommendations for some great salsa CDs:

FRESH SALSA - This is an excellent CD "for those who love to dance salsa, not just listen to it". This compilation CD will make you salsa dance style all night. Its attractive rhythmic rhythms are especially good for Mambo lovers. This CD is even a holder for non-dancers. A must for your CD collection!

TONY VEGA GRANDES HITS - Tony Vegas has Latin charm and appeal to gentlemen who can be heard in his music. His musical style attracts everyone. It's soft and romantic but energetic and upbeat. This is an unmatched collection of Tony Vegas hits from 1989-1994. His songs are mixed with romantic tones and sensual rhythms by Cuban Mambo and Puerto Rican Salsa.

Rough Guide: Salsa Dance ~ Various Artists - A huge selection of music collections presented during the Rough series. Rough Guide: Salsa Dance is one of the most popular Latin music albums released to date. Volume 2 is also an excellent CD. The music is so hot that you grab your dance shoes as soon as you press play.

Ultra Mix: The Best of Salsa - "Every salsa lover should have this in their collection." Some say it is best suited to listen. Others are convinced that it is one of the best gathering places to dance to. But salsa lovers who have bought it agree with its good music. Decide for yourself.

3) If you are not one of those who easily learn rhythms, count out loud until you can sync the music and the dance steps become second nature.

4) Plan to take at least two classes a week with at least one exercise; if you want to learn (more is better).

5) Practice good hygiene! Make sure you are clean and ready to go. Breathing coins, gum, deodorant and cologne are the best friends of all salsa dancers. Believe me; Your partner will love you for it!

6) Take small steps and practice shifting your weight from one foot to the other, and stick to the balls of your feet (front).

No, I'm serious: minor steps - a good guide is steps that do not exceed the size of your own shoeprint!

7) Wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing. Cotton fabrics are always a good option.

8) Have fun! We have only one chance in life, enjoy it!

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