Tips For Hair Growth Faster

Description - Your hairs are your primary assets. You love showing them off and keeping them right. They are your first adornments and they stand with you, uplifting your persona, until the end.

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What is hair?
Technically, hair is strings made of protein that grow out of your skin. They have a deeply comprehensive and a bit confusing biological explanation to them but we’d rather steer clear of the extra details and get to the point.Your hairs are your primary assets. You love showing them off and keeping them right. They are your first adornments and they stand with you, uplifting your persona, until the end.For this, taking good care of your hair is a skill everyone must master. Once you start paying attention to the little details of hair care, you will realize how better off you are with healthier and happier hair.
How to get healthy hair?
All of us must have come across someone at some point in time who takes care of their hair well and their hair looks phenomenal. Even though you have raked your brain by and through, you have not figured how to get that kind of quality. If this is true, you are not alone. Except for pure genetics, getting healthy and attractive hair is not out of reach. Take a look at these tips for hair growth faster Lookout for deficiencies Studies suggest that certain nutrients such as biotin, iron, and zinc help promote hair growth. This is only because the ones who took recommended supplements of these nutrients were actually deficient. The deficiency of such crucial nutrients slows down hair growth and thins the hair follicle. Consult your doctor before you take any medication.
• Watch your diet
One must have a proper diet for healthy hair. The diet should have ample proteins and carbs to keep the body running and making hairs. If you have a poor diet your entire body suffers, including your hair.
• Watch your scalp
Your scalp is the home to your hair. If you don’t take good care of it, it can be home to all kinds of microorganisms that are bad for hair growth. Also, your scalp is sensitive to heat and sun damage. So, next time you’re out in summer, don’t forget to wear a hat.
• Age matters
It is said and often believed that you lose hair as you age. That might be true but it is not just existing hair that you lose, it also the potential new ones. Hair growth slows down as you age so stop being lethargic and take care of hair today.
• Length matters
The longer the better they look. But the longer, the tougher to care for too! Hairs that grow too long tend to get damaged and then retain new healthy hair from growing by blocking the passage. The best advice given is to get regular trims to keep them naturally healthy always.
• Use better products
The hair care products you use have a direct impact on your hair. You must always choose carefully as to what you use on your hair! Recklessness in these grey areas can destroy your hair under your nose.
• Not too clean, not too dirty
The scalp area should be kept hygienic, and that’s why a regular trim and two to three washes every week are recommended. But keeping it too clean rids your scalp of its essential oils. In order to restore oils, oil massages are recommended. But don’t leave the oil there for days on end. It will clog the pores in your skin and have the exact opposite effect as what was hoped for.
Mistakes To Avoid
• Don’t burn them
There is an inverse relationship between hair and heat. Your hairs love you but they hate the heat. Hair treatments like ironing/straightening/streaks etc. have a heavy impact on the health of your hair. In fact, toasty showers also damage your hair. Whenever you opt for such hot options, always keep in mind the repercussions.
Anxiety and diets
The sworn enemies of hair care are stress and hunger. Stress, for one, takes a toll on your entire body. The very first sign can be seen via hair fall and/or discoloration of hair. Either way, it’s not good. On the other hand, going on crazy diets only works against hair growth. Seeing a calorie deficit, the body shuts down auxiliary functions such as hair growth and focuses on survival alone. In such a crisis, expecting your poor body to grow great hair is heavily impractical.
• Chemicals and dyes
Harmful chemicals found in various products damage your hair, many times beyond repair. That’s why it is never okay to apply products on your hair out of mere desperation for the desired result. The same is the case with dyes and bleach. They sound interesting and look fun but once you apply them, their utility turns into a blunder. One needs to realize that there are no shortcuts to hair care. Put in the work and hope for the best.
• Over-combing
Over combing is yet another major don’t one has to pay attention to. Generally, people with long hair tend to get rid of the locks way too often. They end up hurting their hair instead of taking care of them. This districts the roots and reduces hair growth massively. You must comb the right amount and let them be.
• Salt
Studies suggest that salt is not good for hair growth. Salt disables the tightness of the scalp and drinks away the moisture required for hair growth. If you wish to use salt on your head, use it wisely and not too much of it. People have had good luck with Epsom salt. You may give it a shot too!
• Too many supplements
Taking too many supplements can be rather lethal for you and your scalp. Taking biotin has helped a few people with hair care but it certainly is no quick fix to hair growth. Taking too much biotin/zinc/iron etc will increase the levels of toxins in your body, and can lead to severe poisoning as well. In such a situation, hair growth is negatively impacted.
Your hairs love you and they support you. In return, they deserve your love and kindness. Don’t push back against it. Open up your gates to hair care and you will see the difference for yourself.If you are looking for professional help with this, feel free to login to and book an appointment with the nearest doctor online. LIVE CHAT with us at or write to us at for support.

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