Link building along with keyword research, comprises broadly two things that signify SEO. The importance of link building can never be understated, as links determine the page rank awarded by search engines. They bring traffic, which for most people converts to money. Hence quality link building is very important and all organizations with an Internet presence or those which rely on the Internet should invest the required time and money into it. Professional link building services should be sought, which implement solutions after a thorough understanding of a market and the influencing forces. Amidst all of this, an SEO link building firm would not lose sight of the fact that search engines, specifically Google, change their page ranking algorithms constantly.

The importance of organic link traffic

Broadly, there can be two kinds of traffic. One is paid traffic and the other is unpaid or organic traffic. Paid traffic is for those who intend to advertise or promote a product and have the money to do so. Big organizations often do this. However most of the businesses that rely on the Internet depend on organic traffic for profits. For them, paying for traffic does not make sense since they earn money from traffic. Therefore such businesses need to build traffic gateways or links, so that more people who are likely to buy their services or products visit their pages. This is the objective of high quality link building.

How is it done?

SEO link building is done by posting content on the website and having different websites link to it. Links have an associated importance, which is again determined by the linking websites. If a link to your website comes from a page that is ranked higher than yours, your link contributes to the rank of the page. This is the motive behind several businesses selling products, trying hard to get links from authority sites like Amazon. Quality link building can assure this.

Some tips based on Link Building parameters

- Competition analysis will help you understand and get you started

- Anchor texts will have to be relevant; relevance is the key

- Avoid text nude links, no-follow links, JavaScript links or flash embedded links.

- Seek links from authority sites through relevant content and regular postings

- Outbound links are not bad. You need to however ensure that you link to authority sites

- Do not have too many outbound links

- Allow your links to be natural. Let them not be placed inappropriately in your text

- Ensure that you have industry or niche specific links

- Allow your link building activity to settle. It takes a while for link building to show results.

- Avoid techniques that seem suspicious. The time related performance is an important parameter that search engines consider and a sudden burst of activity followed by a lull is frowned upon by Google.

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