Sleeping is also a kind of work. We often think that sleeping means wasting your time. But for a healthful life sleeping is the essential habit. A person in 24 hours should sleep at maximum 6-7 hours. There are millions of people who are running after money and lose their sleep thinking that it is nothing but wastage of time. They are unaware of the dangerous effect of the lack of sleep. The recent survey has revealed that millions of people adversely suffer from over 70 different disorders. There are enormous benefits of sleeping which you are not aware of. Nowadays it is seen that people hardly sleep more than least 5 hours at night. You should know that minimal lack of sleep leads to have very dangerous impact on your normal life. It can carry toll on your mood, energy and even your being capable of bearing stress. Look at the various tips for having good sleep –

Time is the best healer. So first fix up your time of sleeping. Go to bed at time and awake from bed at time. Remember that sometimes you are late on going to bed because it is weekend but don’t do so. Maintain your regularity of time. It will significantly help you for having proper and sound sleep.

It is important to know that your habit of day time sleeping brings many negative effects on your health. Avoid day time sleeping it refrains you from enjoying night sleep. You can easily manage day time sleeping by being engaged with some interesting work. if you are addicted to it, have a short nap 20 minutes only.

Create a cool atmosphere inside the room. You should prefer passing your night in the cool room to heat room. Turn off the hit and allow coolness around you. Maintenance of relevant temperature in your room provides sooth and undisturbed sleep and with the result in the morning you will feel refreshed.

Of course, manage to sleep in the calm atmosphere. Maintain silence inside the room it helps having sweet sleep.

Know that consuming alcohol before bedtime triggers your sleep. Alcohol significantly causes you waking up in the night. Avoid alcohol, it would be better if you give up it permanently or reduce its consumption.

During the sleep period our body recovers its muscles and joints as you experience exercise so better do exercise regularly. Performances of 20 to 25 minutes of exercise daily can usually sooth you for having sound sleep. But do it either in the morning or at noon as taking exercise before going to bed can effectively disturb your sleep.

Foods can also be helpful for your sleep. Some foods are considered as more conducive to a better night's sleep than others. You can for the sound and comfort sleep take warm milk, turkey, chamomile tea etc.

Study has found that little shut eyes can help you solve the tough or complex problems.

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