Sometimes we simply need to have our brains refreshed and cleaned. In our daily life we stumble upon so many things, we need to be able to do everything fast and precise and on top of all cheaply.

So, what is it then to be a 21 century man?

In many of the modern jobs creativity is crucial. We need to come up with new ideas, innovative solutions and approaches. Said simpler, we need to be like kids - always searching and learning. However, the huge difference between us and the kids is that their minds are not occupied with that many problems and most importantly Responsibilities.

How to stay fresh?

We need to do different things in different places with different people. That sort of diversity will make our brain learn new things, develop and keep us focused.

Different types of inspiration
Some people need to move to think. I know it sounds strange but the number of such people is very big. They need to have the surrounding changing in order to come up with something fresh, something interesting. These are the people who hate the world to stay static. They need the wind to blow, the words to fly, the moods to change. These kind of people are not afraid to experiment and they like it. They want it new, fresh, different and this is what can have their attention for longer. If something is static, boring, constantly repeating - it is not interesting and they simply lose taste to it. Therefore, do not imagine to be very creative and to stay fresh if the topic you are thinking on is boring. It simply won't work. Behave like these explorers and find the new, the interesting in everything. Travel, talk to more people, learn about new stuff. Sooner or later you will find your thing and then you will know that nothing else is for you and will give everything you have for it and believe me it will work. A simple example of how the things that make you excited can make you rich is Coca-cola and other brands. This is a simple drink, nothing more, nothing less but the people behind it are passionate so they made a brand of it. A huge brand actually.

Read books
If you want to have new ideas and new ways of developing these ideas, read more books. It is proven that classical literature stimulates the brain big time. It makes you imagine, think, follow the story. All these things correspondent with different parts of the human brain and therefore you become actually smarter. Of course, changing the genre is also a wonderful idea which you can take advantage of.

Cleaning and BBQ Cleaning
Stimulating your brain with cleaning is a rather new and radical idea, but according to many people who have actually tested it, it simply works.

What is so interesting and special about the cleaning you may ask?

Well, it is a combination of many activities in one - physical exercises, focusing, brain stimulation creativity, imagination and attention to details. For example, if you are not careful enough during the cleaning, the chances for you to get hurt from some of the solutions are real. We always must wear a mask and safety goggles when cleaning, we need the windows wide open and the rubber gloves on our hands.

Even more, the cleaning is sometimes a bit more complicated, so that we need to go on the internet, check for solution, compare it with the rest similar solutions out there, pick one (which means making a decision based on personal experience and logic) and only then applying it properly. All that of course is not a simple task.

However, even this sort of complexity may get you bored. In this case simply hire professional cleaners for your barbecue , go out in the countryside and take a break. The nature, the look of the trees and the sound of the birds will refresh your mind and help you relax. After that, you will see that the ideas will start coming on their own.

Hopefully some these tips will appear to be helpful and you will stay fresh and smiley the whole time.

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