When it comes to developing scalable and customizable sites for growing businesses, there are few other software tools that can rival WordPress. The open source nature of WordPress ensures that the cost of website development is negligible. People who want to build sites for personal use can follow the simple DIY WordPress format to create their own sites. However, if you want to use WordPress to build a professional website or portal, you will need the services of an expert WordPress template developer.

Professional WordPress developers and designers can harness the power of hundreds of different WordPress features to build customized sites that are easy to maintain and use. While you can find expert WordPress designers on sites like Smashing Magazine, CodePoet or WP Hired, they usually charge a high rate.

On the other hand, you can hire proficient WordPress developers from offshore locations for a lot less money. But the process of hiring offshore developers can be time-consuming, and it may not be very easy to find the right WordPress template developer for your custom WordPress development project. The following tips will help you find and hire the right developers:

Hiring a Freelancer WordPress Developer
There are several freelancer sites on the Internet that connect freelance developers with people who need their services. All you need to do is register on such a site, enter your project requirements, and wait for the freelance WordPress developers to respond. Usually, you will get a lot of responses.

Simply choosing a designer who quotes the lowest price is not a smart idea. It would be best to check the profiles of the people bidding on your project. Take a look at how many freelance projects they have completed till date, check the reviews by people they've worked for, and view their overall ratings. It would be best to choose a reputed WordPress designer who has worked on similar projects before.

Freelancers from offshore locations will show readiness to work for low rates, but you do not have much hold on them. As there are no legally binding contracts, you can't do much if the person working on your website disappears. Also, the freelancer to whom you outsource your project may simply pass it on to a less experienced designer. If possible, hire a trustworthy freelancer who has already worked for some of your friends or acquaintances.

Hiring Professional WordPress Programmers from Outsourcing Companies
Compared to hiring freelance WordPress developers for your web development project, this is a safer option. There are several offshore web development firms in countries like India, China, Philippines and Indonesia that offer custom WordPress development services. Such companies will allow you to hire WordPress template developers at affordable rates.

If you approach a reputed web development company, you will get to choose between several qualified WordPress designers. More likely than not, the people you hire will have worked on several projects similar to yours, and they will possess a thorough understanding of the WordPress development process. On top of it, they will also be able to come up with new ideas to help you build a strong web presence.

While professional developers and designers from a web development firm may cost a little more than freelance developers, you are assured of the outcome when you are dealing with a company. It is best to choose companies that have offices in the US or UK as you can sign legally binding contracts with such companies.

Making the Right Decision
What works for you? Is it more prudent to hire a freelancer, or is it better to hire a professional WordPress template developer from a reputed IT firm? The answer to this question depends on the size, scope and significance of your project.

If you are looking for someone who can make minor tweaks on your WordPress site and personalize it a little, hiring freelancers is not a bad idea. However, if your website is important for your business, it is best to play it safe and hire a professional WordPress designer from a reputed company.

Author's Bio: 

Stela Robinson is a expert WordPress template developer working in a reputed offshore web development company. she knows the ins and outs of WordPress development, and she has helped build scores of custom WordPress sites. When she has free time, she likes to write and share his views regarding WordPress development.