Do you also think chapped lips take away the shine from your face? Sometimes, they seem unavoidable from being noticed. That’s not all, they even refrain you from eating spicy food.

Have you ever wondered what causes dry and chapped lips and how can it be prevented?

a) Environmental exposure
b) Humidity
c) Dehydration
d) Habitual licking.
e) Heavy medication.
f) Deficiency in vitamin B.

Now that you know what lips chap or go dry, let’s dig into some natural treatments for the same:

1. Choose the Right Lip Balm

Juicy Chemistry Organic Lip Balm for Tanned and Chapped Lips with Tuscany Lemon and Green Tea

(Rich in antioxidants, this lip balm penetrates deep, fights against free radicals and revitalizes the skin giving it lightening effects. Spearmint improves blood circulation in the lips)

2. Keep them Dry Lips Away

SoulTree Lip Balm, Viola & Kokum Butter with Organic Ghee

(The ayurvedic formula in this lip balm has a flowery effect that gives a good tint while also protecting the lips and keeping them hydrated)

3. Stay moisturized

SKÖG Lip Repair Oil

Smile more with this lip repair oil. It acts as a great moisturizing agent that nourishes the skin of the lips. It also helps with any discolouration on the lips and makes them look healthier.

4. Protect Your Lips

The Nature’s Co. Mango Sun Protecting Lip-Pop with SPF 10

(It’s important to protect your lips as much as any other body part from the harmful rays of the sun and keep them all soft and naturally shining all day long. Step out with no fear!)

Focusing on the skin is very important, but ignoring the lips in the process won’t help you in the long run. Keep yourself strict with that everyday skincare routine and include lip care as an essential part of it.

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