Gone are the days when diabetes was limited to a handful of people. Today, every 4th person out of 10 is suffering from some or the other form of diabetes that wrecks havoc in their diet, lifestyle and overall fitness.

Apart from investing on buying an accurate blood sugar test kit, there are other things that a diabetic patient must do in order to keep his health and blood sugar levels under checked.

Maintaining a healthy blood glucose not only involves using blood glucose test strip with your advanced accu check glucometer. But it also includes things like maintaining a balanced meal plan, having an active lifestyle, enough physical activity and most importantly timely inclusion of blood glucose controlling medication which you might need to continue over the years for positive results. In addition to your blood sugar controlling medication you might need to add medicine for control blood pressure and cholesterol which are inter related with high/how blood glucose levels.

You can also follow the below shared lifestyle tips not only to keep your blood sugar levels under check but also to improve your overall health.

Consistent Eating Habits -

Skipping important meals of your day like breakfast can spike your blood sugar levels inadvertently. If you are combining it with your daily medication then skipping breakfast may also lead to low blood sugar. Also, when you do not eat because of long sleeping hours your body starts fueling itself using the glucose released from the liver. For people suffering suffering from diabetes, liver sometimes fails to recognize how much sugar is already present in the blood and it keeps on pouring out more. Skipping meals might also make some people overeat, which leads to weight gain.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption -

Those who are suffering from diabetes should maintain a safe-hand distance from alcohol as it is popularly known for giving sudden spike to blood sugar levels. Though the level goes down immensely after some time, but its initial reaction poses a great threat to people who face negative impact of sudden spike in blood glucose. Even if you are drinking alcohol make sure it is being done in moderation that too with some solid food accompanying your every sip.

Stay Hydrated -

Staying hydrated means you can drink a plenty non sugary calorie free beverages like green tea, water, etc. every day for keeping your elevated blood sugar levels in check. High blood sugar leads to excessive urination that leads to dehydration and drinking water helps in preventing the same. Do not include things like sugary colas, sodas, packaged juices in your hydration plan.

Final Summary -

If you are suffering from diabetes then these simple tips to control diabetes are sure going to help you in many ways that you cant even think of. Apart from keeping your blood sugar levels in check, they also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The author has a varied medical experience and has written a lot about the different kinds of blood sugar test kits that come as handy for those suffering from diabetes.