Companies looking to gain traction in business and build a strong online presence should amp up their SEO game. So, if you have a blog, chances are that you already know its significance in boosting your online SEO. But, despite all the efforts, most businesses are unable to gain the results that they are looking to get. While most of you are aware of blogging being a good SEO content strategy, it is equally essential to know how to optimize your blog post to make them search engine friendly. While collaborating with an SEO agency in Mumbai is a good option, but knowing a few tips and implementing those in your blogging strategy will surely boost your efforts. The potential that blogs open up for your online marketing and enhanced traffic to your website is just enormous. Developing fresh, relevant content and performing basic blog post optimization can benefit you in many ways. So, for those of you looking to boost your content strategy, here are some tips that can be handy for you.
Here are some useful search engine optimization (SEO) tips to boost your content strategy and get your blogs noticed-
1. Keyword research- The first essential step to building an SEO friendly content is to conduct good research for relevant keywords. While there are high chances of you naturally including keywords in your post, you should recheck for the same and ensure you have developed keyword-rich content. There are plenty of online tools and techniques for finding relevant keywords to your blog post that could help you. For instance, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and are great tools that help you find related keywords for your post. Most SEO companies in Mumbai use tools to help clients with related keywords for developing their on-page SEO.
2. Keyword placement and use- While it is important to have keyword-rich content it is equally important to understand that you should not end up keyword stuffing in your content. Engaging in keyword stuffing may hamper your SEO efforts and backfire for you. So, once you have researched for related keywords place them in your content where they will the most impact on search engine crawls and content indexing. So, typically SEO specialists often suggest placing the keyword in the following places for maximum impact-
• Titles
• Headings and subheadings
• Introductory paragraph (as much as possible in the first few lines)
• Concluding paragraph
• Anchor text ( The text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
• Title tags and meta descriptions
Strategically placing your keywords throughout the content will definitely help boost your efforts.
3. Optimize your images- Optimizing images used for your blog is essential. So, whenever you upload a photo to your blog, ensure you include keywords in the file name and add an alternate text field with a brief, keyword-rich description of the photo. If you have collaborated with an SEO agency in Mumbai, it is most likely that they are already working on these lines with you.
4. Provide subscription – Offer your readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blogging platform or latest blog post. Include RSS or Subscription Buttons prominently and offer viewers the convenience to subscribe to your posts via emails. This will allow your blog followers to instantly gain access to your latest posts without needing to periodically check your site for new content.
5. Social Media links- Add social media links to your blog post so readers liking your content can share it on other platforms. Using social media can help broaden the reach of your blog posts. Promote your blog content on these sites or social media platforms for a better reach and more web exposure.

Follow these simple SEO tips that are often adopted by the best SEO agency in Mumbai. These strategies are sure shot ways to boost your efforts and enhance traffic to your website. Implementing the said strategies will also benefit you with higher rankings increased web traffic and higher customer conversion rates. Adopt these techniques and get yourself a more prominent position on search engine results pages.

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