Cats are considered as most friendly domestic pets worldwide. Their grooming is essential to make them healthy and happy. Grooming is far beyond looking just good. Your feline will feel relax and confident after a grooming session. Normally, cats spend 30 to 50 percent of their time in grooming activities, which makes them impulsive. We found a variety of cat breeds, and each breed is unique in behavior. For instance, British shorthair, Persian cat, and Ragdoll possess different temperaments. You must learn about the attitude and calm level of your pet in the beginning. Daily cleaning is a vital element of grooming. In addition to this, hair brushing, dental care, and exercise are other factors that enhance your cat’s personality. Here we are going to demonstrate some valuable and effective ideas about grooming routine for your cat.

What Type of Grooming do Cats Need?

As we discussed that each breed behaves differently, so you have to check on their fastidious level. Prepare and motivate them for grooming sessions. Generally, for short-haired cats, you need grooming twice a week, including trimming and brushing of hair. Moreover, you should take them for exercise to maintain their physical health. In the case of long-haired and old cats, grooming session is different. They need a wide-toothed comb and soft brushes to shed off dead skin. Cats are groomed according to their breed type, age, and lifestyle, so it is pertinent to provide a viable atmosphere during each session. You can also enhance their potential for grooming by training them regularly. 


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Benefits of Grooming:

Grooming is highly beneficial for your kitty in several ways. It serves social and behavioral purposes. Well-groomed cats enjoy healthy skin and better air circulation. Positive grooming behavior is an indicator of good health. It illustrates various benefits given below.

  • It improves blood circulation level, which prevents any sort of clots and blockage.
  • It helps to prevent the formation of hairballs and fur mats.
  • It enables the removal of dead skin, debris, and fleas. Following to reviews on from Dr. Chyrle Bonk for severely infested kitties, or those that some flea allergies, they might lose sleep and have a decreased appetite because of fleas. 
  • It promotes a shiny and soft skin coat.
  • It generates a bonding of love, care, and attachment, which benefits mental health.
  • It increases life span and reduces the risk of ailments.
  • It protects you from various allergies, staining, and parasite attack.

How to Groom your Cat?


Enticing your cat for regular running and exercise is not less than a brainstorming activity. Many veterinary experts recommend a complete workout pattern for your kitty to keep them in shape and mobile. In this modern age, you can find a variety of fun toys and games for your kitty. For instance, a laser pointer is a big entertainment for your pet. Furthermore, making a fence and jumping around cardboard boxes is a great idea to motivate your cat for fitness. Exercise will help to increase their metabolic rate and also to maintain a healthy weight. Physical exercise is highly beneficial for aging cats in order to keep them agile and healthy.


Generally, cats are not much fond of water. You can witness the demonstration of the bath activity of your cat by making it fun and joy. Bath time should not make her anxious and stressed out. Try to make it pleasant and comfortable for your kitty. For this, make the water temperature normal according to the living conditions. Use a sink tub or bath and place a rubber matt in it. Now gently wet the cat using a shower or spray hose. Then apply a mild fragrance shampoo on the entire body starting from head to tail. Rinse thoroughly and wash out in the end. Gently wrap your kitty in a clean towel. You can use sweet music in the background to feel good and pleasant.


The most important element of grooming is regular brushing. “Regular brushing your cat or dog will reduce the amount of hair on the floor and in the air,” says Nancy Katz, DVM, a veterinarian in Montclair, N.J. For this, you must try some soft brush and gloves. Try stroking the fur of your cat first and then apply gentle brush strokes to make it a calm experience. Start by combing her chest and legs and gradually moves to the upper and tail area of your kitty. It will prevent tangles and irritation in the skin. Besides, it will help to remove skin flakes, dirt, and filth.  It is essential for old cats as well because it enhances blood circulation and makes your skin coat neat and shiny. Moreover, shedding is s natural process to remove dead hair. Regular brushing helps to shed off damaged skin cells as well.

Manicure and pedicure

Though cats are considered as self-sufficient and independent creatures, they still need support and maintenance as far as their grooming is concerned. Trimming the claws and nails on a regular basis is a vital element of grooming. It gives them shape and shine as well. You should use proper equipment for cutting and filing of claws. Begin with giving a massage with oil on thumb and feet. It will rejuvenate the energy and make her relax. Giving massage twice a week will enable her to soften the claws. Additionally, you can use clippers and scissors to perform manicure properly. 

Oral health care

Another important factor in grooming includes oral health care. It includes eye, ear, and dental care. As cats get old, they are prone to many ailments. So, it is essential to consult veterinary experts on a regular basis. Many cats develop cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases during the aging process. Many felines are recovered by eye drops and ointments. Extreme eye disorders may result in blindness. 

Dental care

Your feline needs healthy, sharp, and clear gums in order to enjoy a healthy life. Dental care is an evident part of grooming. Any damage to tongue, teeth, and palate result in serious health issues. So, it is highly recommended to continue with teeth brushing after every meal. More often, you can visit your vet for proper examination annually.

Ear care

Cats are normally freaky in nature. They are forced to have grooming sessions. Mostly, they love to do flattening, scratching, and flicking their ears. You should monitor its ear to indicate extra wax, any infection, and debris. The experts use various sonar detectors to examine ear conditions.   

Spend time with your cat

Love and care are the most important factors which contribute to positive grooming. Spending time with your kitty will generate an emotional attachment with you. Mostly, cats are sensitive and intellectual in their response. They can sense the feelings of anger and care abruptly. So, treat them like a friend. Buy her some fun toys. Celebrate her birthday and other occasions high heated manner. You should take care of her liking and disliking, just like a companion.


In concluding lines, we can say that creating a grooming routine is essential to maintain physical fitness. Normally, cats are viewed as self-grooming creatures but following a designed pattern by an expert can promote vigor and health. Preparing your cat for grooming session is the key element. It requires potential and tolerance on both sides. Generally, cats are catchy and fascinating animals as it is a source of joy and fun for kids. So, by working on their grooming, you can enjoy their company for long. Your assistance and love will enhance grooming benefits. We welcome your feedback in the comment section given below.

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