The theme of engagement rings and wedding rings can be as varied as the number of people who are discussing or buying. With this already said some facts remain, these touch on quality, and traditional meaning.

Traditionally in Western cultures, rings are symbols. The engagement ring is a sign from a man to a woman to fulfill a promise that marriage is accepted. These vary in value and quality drastically and always have it. The ring is representative of the formal commitment of both parties has made a promise of marriage to each other.

The choice of Jewelry for an engagement ring has changed over time. In the past, the hopeful boyfriend made the decision in both material and design, and bought it before the applicant's proposal was made. In recent decades, this has been a more combined decision. The hopeful bride has much more input to ring options now than before in our society. Engagement rings and wedding rings have become a joint decision more and more often.

Material and style options have become more varied in recent times. Traditional gold and silver materials are, of course, still very popular, but recently you are choosing combinations of modern metals such as stainless steel, titanium and even tungsten carbide. These options have expanded price variations more than ever.

The gemstones on the rings have also varied more and more with recent markets and possibilities that are available. Although common stones such as diamonds remain standard, the design landscape even allows the use of artificial gemstones such as cubic zircon. Stones such as rubies, sapphire and emerald are also used.

In the early 20th century, the De Beers Company (as part of a marketing campaign) set the three-month salary marker as the standard point for buying rings. As the world's largest seller, this increased diamond sales to the masses, just as it changed the company's revenue as well! This standard has been maintained to this day as a way to start setting personal pricing parameters for engagement rings.

Engagement rings and wedding rings have definitely expanded from the traditional view. Once relegated to simple bands have taken as many different faces as the engagement rings have. Combinations of metals, stones placed on them, engraving, and even puzzle rings have all become common elements. These all rings have become as individual as the relationships they represent.

The sky is the limit in the selection of your rings. Go ahead and let your imagination take you wherever you want, and let the emotion's emotion be shown in this very personal and inspired show of commitment to each other. The wide range of options is a great release of creativity that you can share with someone important in your life.

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