Here are some tips for buying scented candles. Many people know very little about candles in general, let alone the scented variety, and some information may not go wrong. Many are concerned about how they should choose the right candle, and also about the properties of the candles, such as the risk of fire and the effect of smoke.

If you intend to buy scented candles for your home or office, you should treat low prices with caution. Cheap candles often emit only a very faint perfume and in many cases you are also buying a cheap box of simple white candles. The three components of a scented candle that you must know are wax, wick and perfume.

1. The wax

Many candles are made from various types of premixed waxes, some with paraffin wax and stearic acid, and others with soy wax. It is important that the wax does not give off a visible smoke when burning and that in itself it has no odor or is as close as possible.

Paraffin waxes: They are obtained from petroleum and have melting points of around 50 to 70 degrees Celsius. The highest melting waxes are used for standing candles, while the lowest melting points are used for those kept in containers. Its various oil contents are also important. Paraffin waxes burn relatively quickly and do not retain odors very well.

Microcrystalline Waxes: Also derived from oil, they have a higher melting point and a finer crystal structure than paraffin waxes. They are used to modify the properties of the candles.

Beeswax: it is extracted from the combs and burns quite quickly but also very cleanly and contains odors well: they can be used for scented candles or to modify their burning rate. They tend to be expensive.

Soy Wax - This is a vegetable wax with a fairly high melting point and burns much cleaner than paraffin wax. It also burns longer and gives off a nice scent. Another advantage is its relatively low price.

There are other waxes that are used in making scented candles, but these are the most common and those that are generally used in scented candles are beeswax and soy wax. Sometimes a small amount of paraffin wax or petroleum jelly is used for the candles in the container to help it adhere better to the container.

When buying scented candles, you should look for beeswax or soy wax that can be modified with others to control the burning properties.

2. The wick

Scented candle wicks are typically made of braided or braided cotton wound around a central zinc core. The core used to be lead, but was suspended for health reasons. The wick is treated with inorganic salts to modify the burning rate, and the size of the flame can be changed by changing the diameter of the wick. The wick draws the molten wax upward by capillary action which then evaporates, and the flame is actually the wax vapor that burns instead of the wick.

3. The perfume

The perfume in scented candles is generally from essential oils. These give off a lovely fragrance when heated and what you smell is the aroma of the heated essential oil, not the burning perfume. Burning destroys essential oils. By choosing fragrances carefully, you can alter your mood in the same way that aromatherapy is used for a similar purpose. Unfortunately, this is not the case with mass produced candles whose fragrances are artificial and do not possess the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

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A personalized scented candle is a unique fragrance that you can create yourself.