Using feathers to accessories clothes and hair has become increasingly fashionable in recent years, with more and more people realizing that as well as being off the wall and quirky, they can also be stylish and exude an air of class and sophistication. If you feel drawn to the idea of expressing your individuality by using feathers as a personal visual motif, then it’s vital to know how to go about sourcing and buying them.

One of the first things to realist when it comes to choosing the kind of feathers you wish to augment your personal style with is that there is a huge variety available. Even on an individual bird, feathers can range from long and spectacular tail feathers to shorter, lighter feathers on the chest or other parts of the body, and the type you choose will depend upon the use you’re putting them to and the kind of look you’re aiming for.

It should also be remembered that, whilst feathers are a natural product, and this link with the natural world is one of the factors which makes them so attractive, it is still possible to have them artificially dyed or colored to work with a specific item of clothing or merely to create a more dramatic, high impact look.

Finding bird feathers in the UK is often a case of tracking down retailers, often online, who specialist in the field of feathers and thus are bound to know exactly what they’re talking about. Whilst retailers such as craft shops may well be able to supply feathers in bulk, the chances of you being able to pick and choose individual feathers to create a certain look are slimmer, and it should also be remembered that feathers are the product of living creatures, which means that the way in which they are gathered is something many people wish to consider.

A store which offers ‘cruelty free’ feathers will be supplying those which have been naturally shed by birds, and the birds themselves will have been kept in humane, reasonable conditions. The feathers which are available on this basis range from large, spectacular peacock tails to smaller but no less appealing parrot’s feathers, and the choice which you make will be governed by the uses you wish to put them to. Some people, for example, opt for black feathers, enjoying the combination of timeless natural beauty and a slightly darker ‘goth’ edge which the black coloring provides.

Many people, having noted the use of feathers in personal, day to day accessory, then take the next step and indulge in the use of wedding feathers. Using feathers to decorate your special day will mark it out as being something that little bit different, whilst still maintaining an air of class, style and sophistication. Applying feathers as a visual motif throughout the wedding – from invites and place cards to the decorations on the wall – will give your big day a feel of shamelessness and unity at a fraction of the cost such overarching wedding planning usually demands.

If you need to be convinced of the appeal of feathers them think of feather boas, and the way in which each one of the tiny feathers used to make them moves on its own as the boa drifts through the air, whilst also dancing with its neighbors to convey a stunning, almost liquid grace, as the feathers shift and turn and catch the light. The same glamor and visual elan can now be applied to everything from your hair and your clothes to your wedding and, since no two feathers are exactly alike, the look you create for each will be entirely unique.

If you want to make the most of feathers and what they can do for your image, then track down retailers who specialist in their supply, and who offer cruelty free feathers, meaning that the bird who’s plumage you have gratefully plundered will have led a happy and fulfilled life.

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