If you want to make sure that the landscape around your home is beautiful and in the best possible condition, then you want to make sure that you properly care for the lawn garden portions of your landscape design. It is very important that proper maintenance of the lawn is carried out so that they not only remain attractive but also healthy. In most cases, lawns are the largest and first-noticed areas of the general landscape.

Watering the lawn and garden is one of the most important parts of good lawn maintenance. In some parts of the country, it rains enough for the roots to receive adequate moisture. But even in what would be considered soggy areas like the Pacific Northwest, there are periods or dry weather and it doesn't rain. When this happens, it is vital to the survival of lawns that are properly watered.

The first sign of an impending drought condition in your landscaped lawn garden area is a color change. Lawn on lawns that suffer from insufficient moisture will begin to lose its deep green color and will soon become a straw color, or even brown if lack of moisture persists.

The best time of day to water a lawn or garden is during the coolest part of the day. This means that it is best to turn on the grass sprinkler early in the morning or at night after sunset. Garden lawn experts also say rotary sprinklers provide the best coverage if you don't have a built-in sprinkler system for maintaining your lawn.

In most cases, it is best to water the lawn only once a week, unless the weather is extremely hot or dry. By doing the weekly watering, you can place an empty can of tuna on the lawn and let the water run until it is full.

This will help you know when you have watered enough to give the deep roots enough moisture without over-watering. Watering in this way will also help your lawns develop a deep root system that will also help them survive periods of drought. https://tngardencenter.com/

Another aspect of lawn and garden maintenance is proper fertilization and weed control. Good basic maintenance techniques will go a long way in keeping your home and garden lawn healthy, prosperous, and low-weed.

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If you want to make sure that the landscape around your home is beautiful and in the best possible condition,