The joys of summer are plenty. One benefit of summer is being able to enjoy the lush, green lawn. Are you currently thinking; in the heat of the summer a lush lawn is expected? The steps below regarding lawn maintenance and care will help you become the envy of the neighborhood.
Lawn Maintenance – Watering
Normally lawn maintenance in Michigan requires some sort of watering schedule. This will depend upon the amount of precipitation that has fallen and the previous weather conditions. Each week on average your lawn requires one to one and half inches of rain per week. You will need to watch for grass that is turning yellow–brown as this may mean you need to increase this.
Try watering your lawn in the morning preferably by ten o’clock in the morning. This will help to reduce water evaporation allowing more water to actually soak into the lawn. Avoid watering your lawn in the evening as the risks of fungi and disease increase at night.
Lawn Care – Mowing
When the heat of the summer is among us it is best to cut your lawn a bit longer than you normally wood during cooler months. Grass that is longer will help to shield the roots from the steaming rays of the sun. Many professional lawn care specialist would recommend a height between three and three and a half inches.
Avoid mowing your grass on days with high heat indexes. This can causes it to become dry and turn colors. If you have to cut it during a period of extreme heat concentrate on doing so in the cooler parts of the day and not smack dab in the middle when the heat is at its peak. Try to determine a good lawn mowing schedule that has you cutting your lawn once every week, week and a half.
Lawn Fertilization – Feeding
Your grass will grow significantly better with a bit of food in the form of fertilization. Homeowners can choose a chemical in the form of granules or liquid. Fertilizer is designed to go on in stages to create better results and a healthier lawn. Follow the schedule laid out by the manufacturer when applying fertilizer. This step is something you will want to begin in the spring season and continue into the fall.
Lawn Maintenance – Seed and Repair
Repairing and adding seed to your lawn is a common issue present in lawn care. The best time of year to do this is in the spring or fall. If you are able to commit to regular watering of the lawn summer seeding may be okay. There are many kits available to patch the lawns that give homeowners fantastic results. You will have to keep up with watering and maintenance to get any new growth to succeed.
Pay attention to the little details when caring for your lawn. A fresh landscape design is as important to your yard as the grass itself. Homeowners must keep a delicate balance in order for their home to maintain curb appeal. It won’t be easy but can be done. If gardening and lawn maintenance is not your thing you can always call on a professional lawn maintenance company. They will put your lawn on a schedule of fertilizing, watering, re-seeding and mowing that is best for your lawns exact needs.

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