If you are fetching for the best salon service in the Lucknow then we inform you that body care and cure the most prominent and best beauty salon in Lucknow is the best place to get the adoring look on your special day. Sneha Charan the managing director of body care and cure understand that beauty is not all about the facial appearance it is also related to the personality you want to achieve for yourself. She has hired the best makeup artist in her salon to provide you the optimum service of makeup. Salons offer plenty of makeover service to galvanize the facial appearance; you can call for any type of makeup like party makeup, bridal makeup, engagement makeup we provide you all the services through our best Professional makeup artist in Lucknow. Body care and cure is the best salon in Lucknow for transforming your looks during your special day. We love to run extra miles for our customer that is why we send our best make artist to your doorstep to make you the most beautiful of this world. Here are some hacks give by Sneha Charan (The body care and cure), so that you can get beautiful long hairs.

Weird way to grow your hairs!

• Inverse Method: Inverse Method is basically flipping your head and then massaging the scalp around 3-5 mins. When you flip your hair, blood flow increases in your scalp, which can lead to growth. But, before trying, always make sure that you don’t have any health issue, which can cause you trouble for doing this method.

• Rice Water: Applying fermented rice water on your scalp 1-3 times a week can lead to excessive hair growth without much of efforts. Just soak rice in water for 24 hours and then strain the water and apply on the scalp. Rinse after some time with just plain water.

• Castor Oil & Rosemary: Castor Oil, when combined with rosemary oil, gives a boost of hair growth. Just take few spoons of castor oil and add few drops of rosemary oil in it. Mix it well and apply it on your scalp regularly to see a difference.

• Aloe Vera Gel: Rubbing the pulp of Aloe leaf on your scalp every 1-2 days lead to really good growth of hairs. It likewise makes your hair sound and glossy.

So here are some tips given by the managing director of body care and cure Sneha Charan professional to help you get the most beautiful and healthy shiny hairs.

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