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Here we are going to provide how to get polished and well-groomed every day.

•Trim your nails: Long nail can be a hub of dirt, which looks pretty gross. Trim your nail short, as they look neat and clean. If you prefer to keep long nails, then make sure they not too long and should be cleaned regularly.

•Avoid strong perfumes: Strong perfumes cannot be favourable for everyday usage. It’s suitable for some occasions, but not daily. Either wear a light body mist or very light perfume, enough to make you feel fresh.

•Teeth: Yellow teeth can be a big turn off. You can either get the white teeth by bleaching it or brush them with baking soda or mustard oil mixed with a pinch of turmeric to see a vast difference.

•Avoid heavy makeup: Doing full base makeup or eye makeup daily isn’t much suitable. Your face can look cakey, also your skin can be damaged by this. If you wear makeup, apply either a light coverage foundation or powder/ cushion foundation for your entire base. And, avoid bright lipstick for daily use. Nude color can be hit for everyday usage.

•Groom your brows: Always tame your brows, as tame brows give an amazing look. Either fill them with brow product, or even a spoolie brush dipped in brown eyeshadow will do the job.

•Scrub your lips: Dry, chapped and flaky lips are a big no. They get even worse when you wear lipstick over them. So, make sure to scrub your lips 1-2 times a week and wear heavy lip balms, to keep your lips supple and smooth

So here are some tips and hacks gave by Ms Komal Mahendru so that you should always maintain yourself well-groomed.

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