Like a Shakespeare classic, life plays out in performances of both exquisiteness and of misfortune. A Midsummer’s Nights Dream was born over the course of years, and continues to touch the lives of many as it is one of the most performed plays in the last century.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is considered one of his crowning achievements; not created over night, but over a period of four years in which he refused any payment for its creation.

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists of his time, yet never saw himself as such; in fact, Starry Night was painted from the view of his window sill where he was voluntarily committed into a mental hospital.

Some of the great art, timeless and classic, can teach us a lesson if we are prepared to study its history, and apply its grandeur to the present. Our lives, symbolic of art, can represent the hard work, strength of mind, and perseverance that in essence transforms into a striking magnum opus. Stepping back from the illusion that life is without struggles and sacrifices, late nights and headaches, and giving in to the effort it will take to build our legacy is how we can allow the exquisiteness to step into the galleries of our time.

We each envision this perfect life – like a piece of art that is only appreciated by the splendor it depicts on the world around it. You step onto a museum floor and you gaze upon the greats; your mind captivated by the pieces on display. But you are failing to take in the true history of their creation; we seldom stop to appreciate the heartache, the tears, the trials and tribulations, the countless “rough drafts” it must take to finally originate a finished product that you can be proud of. Sure life could be such ecstasy if the “art” was just there – but it’s the work that we put into it that creates a masterpiece. It’s the moments that enrich our lives that give creativity. It’s the collection of simplistic that invent….

Like the power of the first kiss. The dancing in the dark, with no music but that of your heart. The sound of laughter evoking liveliness. The wishing on a star and believing with all your might. The taking it slow, and just living in the moment. The feeling of peace from a simple walk in the vast outdoors. The gifts of today, and the hope for tomorrow. The taking of chances that can forever change our lives … like taking a chance that from yesterday’s pain, today’s beauty can be appreciated even more ... the serendipitous chances are there to serve a purpose … if we are ready to create.

Like timeless art, our lives are formed from the materials set out in front of us. Paint that sits on a brush, no Picasso will we be - but when applied to the canvases in our lives, the possibilities are endless. Breaking free from our thoughts and giving into the power of our creation can allow a classic to be created. Using the moments of our lives – both of the cynical and promising – can give endless possibilities to what can be created. Our worlds do not exist by simply painting by numbers – true art, true beauty, comes from within … and only you can create the pieces of “art” to exist in your life … and to be left behind.

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Chrissy Kohler is the creator and author of Plan B - Life's Discussion, an independent website designed to encorage other's personal growth.