Time travel is possible. And it’s achievable both “physically” and “mentally.”

First, let us examine time travel in a physical sense, when a traveler uses some sort of physical means to move their selves (including their body) through time, at will.

According to the relativistic physics, it is definitely possible to travel into the future at a rate which is faster than “normal” (let’s say the normal rate is 24 hours a day). You should simply travel through space at the speed near the speed of light.

“Physical” Time Travel

For example, you are traveling with a spaceship to the nearby star which is 10 light years away, with a speed very close to the speed of light. When you get to your destination, say, in 1 year of your travel, you will realize that you are almost 9 years in the future. And going back to Earth, traveling for 1 additional year, you will realize that your twin-brother is now 18 years older than you! And the “rate” of traveling into the future depends only on your actual speed.

In theory, if you were traveling exactly at the speed of light, time would stop for you completely. Moreover, if you would be traveling faster than light, you would be traveling backward in time!

The main problem with achieving near-light speed is this: your mass is ever-increasing as you are getting closer to the speed of light. More and more energy should be consumed for acceleration. For reaching the exact speed of light, you should need an infinite amount of energy. That’s why you will never be able to travel at that speed, not to mention traveling faster than light.

We are still in theory. The particles of matter do have some “rest mass,” while light particles (photons) have zero rest mass. Time for photons is standing still, i.e. to “them” there is no time at all. Everything is simultaneous from “their point of view.” Therefore, if we could somehow erase our rest mass, we could perhaps be experiencing our whole individual existence (the past, present, and future) simultaneously.

Hypothetically, there could exist a very strange sort of particles, the so-called “tachyons.” Their rest mass is an “imaginary number.” They probably don’t exist whatsoever. It’s interesting that they would always travel faster than the speed of light and, which is even more bizarre, they would be traveling backward in time. So, to continue with this extremely speculative string of thoughts, if we could, by some means, convert our “normal” mass into the imaginary mass, we would be traveling backward in time.

Some theoretical physicists postulate another way of traveling through time – by enormously wrapping up space itself. To achieve that, humanity would have to develop very advanced technology which would allow us to create “wormholes” in the fabric of space-time. Currently, nobody knows how that can be accomplished, but that may change in the future.

Although most of the mainstream physicists would disagree with me, I believe that many of these speculations could actually be feasible one day, in a society which is enough technologically advanced.

However, these speculations are only related to a time travel conducted in a physical sense, like a physical travel through space. There could also be another way of traveling through time – using consciousness only.

Are time journeys within mind possible?

There are many accounts of visions, hallucinations and other vivid experiences of both past and future events, experienced by specially endowed people, that have been confirmed as being pretty accurate. Even many more of such intense visions have been dismissed as complete illusions or hoaxes. Were they hoaxes?

These inner visions are very slippery ground for anyone trying to derive some reliable conclusion that it’s possible to see the future or past events. However, there is a point of view trying to explain that some of the apparently false testimonies of future or past events are actually true. But first, let me describe some unconventional vantage point on this subject, which is still in accordance with recent advances in theoretical physics.

Our consciousness and relativistic time

In accordance with the theory of relativity, time is interchangeable with space within the space-time continuum. In a way, time is only the fourth (or first) space dimension in that continuum. Our consciousness is moving steadily along that fourth axis of the space-time chart. This is actually giving us the impression that everything is changing. We are moving along that time axis and everything else around us seem to be moving as well.

For example, if you wanted to describe the very basics of the event when you eat an ice-cream last time, you would have to assign three coordinates of space to it. It happened in a point of space that had its precise longitude, latitude, and altitude. But, that's not enough. It must have an additional value: the time when it happened. Thus, it is described by four coordinates. Modern physics tells us that these four coordinates are interchangeable. They are equivalent.

So, when we have a series of mutually connected events, like moving a car from point A to point B, we actually have countless mini-events, each being described with its own four coordinates in the space-time continuum. And when we have a non-moving car in a parking slot, it seems that we now have a completely static situation. No, it's not. It is still moving, through the fourth space-time coordinate, through time.

Now, note this: as an observer of that seemingly static car, you are also moving through the fourth dimension - time. From a deeper point of view, the only entity that is moving along this fourth dimension is the observer, you.

That seemingly steady translation of our conscious focus, which is happening along that single coordinate of space-time, is deeply ingrained in our subconscious. Although there are many other dimensions and countless possible universes, this particular fourth-dimensional space-time continuum is static per se.

Therefore, all events that “happened” in our “past,” from the perspective “outside” of this space-time continuum, actually exist simultaneously.

Quantum theory and timelines

Yet, things are even more complicated than all of this. We are not only living in a “block universe” which is static from the 4D perspective; it seems that there are countless real or potential “block universes.” Quantum physics tells us that, in every single moment of our conscious existence we are “collapsing the quantum wave function” and choosing only one of the myriad possible universes that lie ahead of us.

So, we are not some passive experiencers of reality, we are actively choosing our reality ahead and making it real. Still, all those possible lines of time are real in a sense, we could say, as “potential realities.” These potential realities are also part of the whole picture. Some other beings might be going along those potential timelines, but they are real to those beings, as our timeline is potential to them.

Not only that, there are innumerable potential timelines behind us, as possible past events that could lead us to this here-and-now reality. We are aware of one timeline only, to which our memory is tied (except in some cases of the so-called “false memories”). Therefore, the whole picture is far more complex than to looking at “simple” 4D relativistic continuum.

Individual timelines

Now, here’s the catch: different people may have different past or future timelines! Each of these timelines is fully real to every person involved in it, while all these timelines have led all those people to the same or similar present moment (but remember: the individual experience of the present time can still vary drastically). Therefore, they can remember completely different events of the same time span, yet they can still be in the same “present universe,” where their timelines merge or temporarily intersect. Their future timelines can also be very different.

Correspondingly, different people can visit their individual or collective past or future (within their minds), and yet those events can be totally dissimilar, but true to any of them.

However, we cannot say this is a common case for sure. People are often inter-connected in their lifetimes because of their corresponding personality traits and lessons to be learned from each other. But those people that we only hear about from the newspaper or some TV show – their timeline can easily diverge from ours, and they may have completely different experiences of past or future individual and collective happenings. Apart from many intentional hoaxes, this can be explanation of numerous descriptions of vivid and detailed future/past events that never happened, given by some apparently mentally healthy people.

What would happen if someone influenced their own past?

Every single time-traveler will influence his/her own past, whether they physically traveled to the past and “killed their granddad,” or were just observing some past events. Remember, quantum physics is very clear about this: the very act of observing influences the behavior of the observed phenomenon, i.e. the nature of subatomic units changes from quantum waves into particles. Everything is interconnected, so are observers and observed things, too.

Therefore, even with the mere act of observing enacts some influence to the past event. In this way, the event has been changed, however tiny that change is.

So, in both cases, either through being physically present in the middle of some past event or just through observing it, we would influence it. That means the time-travel paradox is the problem for both occasions. How to solve it?

There is no real paradox here. A time-traveler who would end up in the past and stayed there would have created an entire new timeline. But it’s only an individual “bubble reality,” as it is the case with all of us. A time-traveler who would just observe some past occasion would also create another timeline, but it would probably merge with the “parent reality,” soon after his/her return to the present.

Practical notes

How can we intentionally move our consciousness along that “time coordinate” at all? What is the secret?
Some of the “visionary” people I mentioned above, the so-called clairvoyants or seers, are endowed with some secret “element” incomprehensible to us, common people. What is that?

The secret lies in our deep, subconscious attachment to this body and mind. Our body physically belongs to this cause-and-effect material universe and its physical laws, and its five senses virtually anchor it to this stream of experiences called “time.” Additionally, we are identified also with our minds and its countless thoughts, emotions, memories, beliefs, habits, etc. Those attachments make very dense veils that cut us away from a wide-ranging inner knowledge, including information on past and future, as well as on the other timelines as well. We can call them the veils of ignorance. In this case, they cut us off from our inherent abilities to move along space-time coordinates at will. However, the veils have their purpose in our lives. Without them, the “game of life” wouldn’t be possible at all.

What are these veils of ignorance, causing our total immersion into this very real „illusion”?
Basically, they are our misperceptions or unawareness of various layers of Reality. They are directly connected to our identifications, beliefs and other elements of personality, described in the Reintegration System. We think we are something else than we truly are. In fact, whatever we think we are, we are wrong. It can only be that we just are, as opposed to the notion that we are something or someone. Every single identification contributes a little bit to our immersion in this world of illusion. (For more on the Reintegration System and its innovative and versatile techniques, check out the website: www.re-integration.com)

So, if we want to remove those veils, we must release our desires and fears, habits, emotions, thoughts, and many other parts of our personality. The best way to do that is to reintegrate them in a non-aggressive, benevolent way.

Luckily, these veils are usually being released spontaneously, through the reintegration of various elements of personality, layer by layer. And if they are not released yet, we also treat them with non-invasive meditative or psychological techniques, like all the other elements of personality.

If we are uncertain which element to deal with, we just have to look around us - the outer world is a projection of our inner universe. The holographic principle will impeccably lead us along this path. As our work continues, our consciousness will be expanding, while unconscious limitations are being dropped away progressively. The reintegration work will be resembling the art more and more, as the mystery of life unfolds in most surprising and beautiful ways.

The main result of such an extensive inner work can be one’s spiritual growth or enlightenment, while time travel and other extraordinary abilities can only be side-effects.

Author's Bio: 

Nebo D. Lukovich is the creator of the Reintegration System, one of the newest breakthroughs in the development of human consciousness. Based on timeless spiritual principles and compatible with modern science, the Reintegration System is a versatile tool, applicable in all areas of our daily lives. It teaches us that we can indeed wake up and attain both inner liberation and outer wealth, without suffering, but through wisdom and expansion of our consciousness.

As you can see in his books and other texts, Nebo's greatest passion is spiritual work and writing. He has been researching and practicing various spiritual and psychological systems and techniques for more than 26 years.

Nebo was born 1972 and lives with his wife and two teenage children in Montenegro, a country in Europe. Although he prefers a peaceful family life, his experience in spiritual work (both personal and with friends and acquaintances) often calls on him to engage in personal coaching and educational work in the field of personal transformation.

His published writing career has only just begun with the books “Inner Peace, Outer Success,” "Inner Freedom Techniques," "Deep Personal Transformation," and "Coherence," as there is more to come. He will continue to write and research even more advanced techniques, many of which are currently being tested with his friends.

You can contact Nebo and his team at the www.re-integration.com.