Timeshare vacation packages can provide great vacations, but they can be limiting and expensive. Many people find that a vacation club will fit their needs better.
Timeshare vacation packages provide more space than a hotel room. Typically, timeshares will give you the rights to a specific property for a specific week each year. This is great for a family that has availability to travel for that week each year and is content going to the same location. Changing weeks or locations is often complicated in a timeshare and annual fees for maintenance combined with the large up front cost of purchasing the timeshare can add up to an expensive price.
A vacation clubs has a much lower starting fee with no ongoing fees other than what you pay for your chosen trips. Vacations can be reserved at a wide variety of destinations for large discounts with no blackout fees. Scheduling a vacation is as easy as making a call and you are ready to start almost as soon as you join.
Timeshare properties can often be found in warm destinations where people like to vacation. As an example, coastal towns and cities in Florida (Daytona Beach) and South Carolina (Hilton Head Island) offer huge numbers of timeshare properties. They can also be found in cold weather areas (ski resorts in Colorado) and all over the world (Ireland, Mexico, Spain) as well. Most of these timeshares are located in resort communities.

Timeshare properties are much more than simple hotel rooms. Typically, they include one to three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a full kitchen and a living room. These condominium-style units are almost always fully furnished. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are common at most timeshare properties.
The typical timeshare ownership unit is one week. Timeshare ownership is very similar to that of a condominium except that your ownership is limited to a certain week (or weeks, if you purchase multiple intervals) during the year. If your one-week time period is in demand, the price will be higher. For instance, a timeshare for a week on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in April will cost far more than a week at the same resort location in the sweltering heat of August.

And while most timeshares have a reasonable price, right now there is an even better choice to fill your vacationing needs. Namely, travel clubs. Travel clubs are agencies that form a lasting relationship with resorts, condominums and hotels, to offer the customer (you), the best accommodations, while paying less than you would normally do using other channels. Membership to such travel clubs allows you to enjoy the same quality of service, while paying a fraction of the asked price you might see in some luxury or pricey locales.
The best part about travel club membership is that they allow you the freedom to choose where you want to go, no matter where it might be. You will always get the same benefits you enjoy from vacatioing in California, as you would in London. See if any timeshare can assure you of that.

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