Time management tips are something that is very important to learn by everyone. When you have so

many activities every day, it will be stressful when you can’t handle them all well. Besides having kinds

of device that can help you doing everything easily and fast, you also should have some great techniques

to manage your time. Some tips below will show you the best way to manage your time well as

suggested by the expert.

Time Diary Making

First, make a list of your daily activities by taking one week and then plot every activity out. Be honest in

the activities listing, write every single activity, including your time for watching TV, eating, gym time,

weekly meetings, driving, etc. After you get the list, you might be upset to see the unstructured time

that you make so long. However, if you don’t know about activities you do in every single time, then it

will be more difficult to manage your time effectively.

Try to Say NO

It is very important to firmly and politely say NO to someone that asks you to do something whilst you

don’t have enough time for it. Even you might also need to turn your beeper and cell phone off. It is not

something that should make you feel guilty.

Jana Kemp, the founder and president of Meeting and Management Essentials said that one reason of

very busy feeling is because you can’t do a good setting of personal boundaries to say no. Still focus to

the goals that you want to achieve and it will become something that decline you to do something else.

The diary of your activity’s time allocation will help so much. Once you only do the important things and

know well about what to do in every single time, then you will turn down all things less important much


Making a To Do List based on your Time

Make a To Do List of all activities that you should do every day including how much the time allocated to

every activity. Adding the duration of time for every activity will make you prioritize more easily about

how you should go with the tasks. When the tasks is the priority, you will focus to the things that can be

done directly in natural way.

Use Your Computer to Make Easier the Works

Use the technology that can help you use your time more effectively. One of the helpful technologies

may be the personal scheduling software programs. It will help you keeping your calendar, phone and

address books, and also to-do- list inside your computer.

The using of the technology will also decrease the using of paper in your life. Besides, if you have

organized all things well in your life it will bring you to the streamline. You will waste much more time as

you have more clutter in your life, because you will stay trying to organize and being on top of things.

Do Multitasking safely and Effectively

If you think that you should do multitasking, do it safely and effectively. Never try a dangerous

multitasking like driving while talking on a phone call, it will make you get traffic accident. Have a safe

multitasking activities such as listening a book tape on commuter, paying bills while watching TV,

cleaning the kitchen while laundering and washing the dish, etc.

You shouldn’t be a Perfectionist

It doesn’t matter if you only become an ordinary people. If you are a perfectionist, it means you should

pay attention to both important and unimportant details, then it will become procrastination. You

should have a rational goal for you yourself, you should be productive but not counter productive by

trying to be very best. When you can’t achieve too many goals you set, it will only add stress into your


Those are the time management tips that can be applied to everyone. Try to do your best so you can

manage your time more effectively and having a better life with it. When you have achieve the good

management of time, don’t forget to reward yourself for the achievement.

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