Chalking out a schedule for studies is itself a time consuming activity. The concept of timetables is built on the notion of systematic study. The strange fact about timetables is that it was created for children who are in general instinctive. It was designed with the objective to make children systematic and disciplined. For adults however having timetables is not consistently favoured because a standard timetable interferes with the way adults work and adults tend to be more self-directed without needing too much authority in learning. Adult learning is referred to as Andragogy and child learning is called pedagogy. They are different on account of the fact that a common approach does not favour both.

The importance of having timetables for both cannot be belied. They ensure optimum use of time and energy thereby reducing wastage. Subjects, recreational activities and sports have time that is allotted to them based on the functional principle that balance is the order of the day. It makes students and teachers focus on one walk of life at a time. It also serves the purpose of giving every subject its due attention. It aims to inculcate in students the values of punctuality and regularity. As an effect of regularity it aims to spur progress. Generally learners who spend too much time on one subject are prone to burn-out and fatigue. Having restricted time can give a sense of working balance to life and its activities. It helps not only students but also teachers as work is distributed equally.

For students of online learning they are encouraged to create timetables for themselves as having standard ones can prove a hindrance. A learner can decide how much time he/she would like to allocate to different subjects. You need to remember that standard timetables can form a type of bias among students as they may grow up to think that certain subjects are not as important as others just because some were allotted more time. A standard timetable thrust on a student is usually based on a standard hypothesis popularly enforced at that point in time. Instead of sticking strictly to standard timetables try and create your own study schedule. This becomes more relevant in the long run because learners will have to eventually direct themselves and plan their studies, work and other walks of life. Tutors help students plan out their study schedule because it gives some direction to their learning in the process sharpening time management skills.

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