Time is an illusion. You can't find something that's not real. You make time. There are 3 types of beings in 3rd Density, (1) of the body, I call them Bronze (Physical). (2) Silver of the Mind (Mental) and last Gold of the Spirit (Mysticism). If you are of the body you will find a distraction( steals our attention) or diversion (steals our energy) to keep you from pursuing Your inner being. America the Land of the Distractions, Television (Sell-a-vision) was invented here, Video Games, Movies, Basketball was invented here a lot of Distractions was invented here I'm sure you can add to the list. Spirituality is a process and a Journey that 1 has to have a desire for and then it turns into a Passion. Most people are so caught up in the illusion, they don't even have time for themselves. If you really want to find yourself you will set priorities and you become the most important person in your life. Not anyone else in a sense you become selfish. There is no place more important than within because either you go within or you will go without (yourself). No thing becomes more important than your Higher Self (Spirit) because nothing is real and doesn't have any substance but your Higher Soul. If you try to leave the Game and start this Quest a lot of distractions will get in your way to take you off the path. If you walk this Path you will find out what life really about and you will have time for Spirituality because you become Spiritual and everything you do and think and speak comes from that Perspective and Perception of the New You, You have to change your attitudes of your Old self and allow the person in your vision of you in the future to start to manifest NOW. Will it be easy HELL NO! Remember anything that's easy to get usually ain't worth having. Anything worth having ain't easy to get.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.