The tough nature of timber floors along with its natural sheen and elegance makes it a first-hand choice for many homemakers. It has a vibe which transforms the look of the house and makes it soothing and inviting. And when discussing the characteristics of Perth timber, homemakers will be pleased to find a vast array of species namely Spotted Gum, Jarrah and Black Butt to choose.

The Interesting Aspect of Timber Floors

But the part which is interesting is that most homemakers in Perth believe - Timber Floors Are More Than Just for Sheer Elegance.

  • They also present a great deal of comfort. Timber consists of some insulating characteristics which keep the surface cozy and warm.
  • A study reveals that timber is hypo-allergenic which assists in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. This makes it easy to dust, clean and maintain them in top shape.

How True Are These Claims?

  • Installing high-quality timber flooring in Perth is a wise decision. It comes with numerous advantages and labels as a tough, durable and long-lasting material. Believe it or not, a top-quality timber floor can last a good 40-50 years (even longer depending on the type of wood used). 

Timber Flooring Perth

  • Plus you also don’t need to worry about your floor carpets being filthy and mucky owing to its hypoallergenic properties. It keeps your floor carpets cleaner and also helps extend its lifespan. If anything, one would need to replace their carpets in every 10-15 years (give or take). 
  • Timber floors also tend to be a more practical preference, particularly in commodious homes. One doesn’t need to bother much about its cleaning. Despite large rooms, one can easily clean up timber floors using an antiseptic mop, or by mixing a quality cleaning solution in water. Steam mops or mopping with a wet cloth should be avoided because it could damage the timber surface. 
  • Apart from all these, timber floors are eco-friendly options and are easy to recycle. It is not just energy efficient in comparison to other flooring surfaces, but during its installation, it requires less energy or effort. 

These timbers are sustainable and obtained properly from regulated forests and as per reports; it emits less than 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide during its production. This is in sharp contrast to other building requisites such as ceramic or vinyl times which releases around 10-12 tonnes of CO2.

Each of these points states that there’s more to timber floors than just its appearance. And by knowing each of these points, it gets clearer why they are so widespread.

Final Statement:

For those who are thinking about it, always go with a company which has a sound reputation in the market and whose services are appreciated by most of their previously served customers.

Before selecting, one must check the website properly about these aspects. Along with that, check their services.

Don’t be surprised to find a company providing all sorts of turf installations such as laminate, vinyl, bamboo and synthetic turf fitting in Perth. And don’t shy away from speaking to the experts about prices, packages, customizations and after-sale services.

Preparation is vital. No detail should be overlooked. With the right amount of research and awareness of all crucial details before-hand, the chances of faulty decision making will be next to impossible.

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