If you want a timber floor drying expert in Toronto the best one is CPR24 Restoration of course. We are a professional company with high-quality equipment and experienced staff. Our expert team can dry any hardwood timber flooring for your home or office. We know that the timber floods are often hit by unexpected water damage due to heavy rains, flash flooding, machine leakage or because of sewage issues.

The worst problem with timber flooring after being flooded is cupping or crowning. Cupping occurs after the timber board has a high moisture content on the underside and a lower moisture content reading on the top side of the board. This usually happens when the timber board has contact with ‘wet’ concrete slabs. This has an influence and depends on the thickness of the concrete too.

CPR24 Restoration draws upon years of experience of timber floor specialist equipment. Our company is in a position to deploy progressive drying instrumentality combined with the foremost advanced dehumidification techniques to cut back drying time and save money!

Another essential thing is that our company uses a method incorporating the Injectidry with floor platelet systems. Using dehumidification and correct air quality control, we have dried floors to such a successful point they have NOT even needed to be sanded and resealing!


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Blerina Laska