The education industry has become the new profitable business on the planet. People all around the world aspire to cross boundaries and pursue the education of their choice. The world has come closer with accessibility to travel across frontiers.

The rich history of higher education in the UK makes it the most preferred country by most international students. The expense rendered in studying in the UK is an investment for a brighter future. The stay in the UK will be a pleasant experience that is a cherishable memory throughout life. The UK is one of the safest countries for students.

The few points to be taken into consideration before applying for a Tier 4 visa student visa UK are

1. English Language Test
The chosen course provider will guide the student about the language test to be held. The SELT centres approved by the UK home office can be approached when the student has to take the SELT test.

2. Course Offer Letter
The University or the Institution has to provide the course offer letter or letter of approving admission to the student. This offer letter by any University with the license to sponsor a Tier 4 Visa is a crucial step to get the visa.

3. Passport Number
The passport number needs to be submitted while applying for the course.

4. Documents
All the relevant and needed documents need to be submitted while applying for the Tier 4 Visa to the UK.

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