The education industry in the UK is eventually becoming a dominant industry with a large number of people intending to shape their career with an educational qualification from the UK.
The UK is considered to be one of the renowned countries to live joyfully. The students aspire to chase their dreams and not settle for anything less than they have always dreamt of. Despite many limitations faced by students across nations, they tend to be headstrong in their decision to study in the UK as it provides them with a brighter future and it is a guaranteed victory.
The eligibility for the Tier 4 student visa is determined through the following UK student visa requirements:-
The course confirmation from a university in the UK is required. It is the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies(CAS). The University must be approved by the UK Visa and Immigration.
The financial capability of the candidate to satisfy the financial needs during the stay in the UK has to be provided with the evidence to be eligible for the UK study visa.
The foreign students are expected to apply for the visa online and submit their biometrics in any visa application centre.

All immigrants need to pay health surcharge as part of the National Health Service (NHS). £150 per year is the health surcharge fee for students. The health surcharge has to be paid during the visa application online.
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