The Thyroid is a tiny gland that is situated in the lower neck. This gland helps to secrete hormones. The triiodothyronine, known as T3, and thyroxine, known as T4 are secreted by this gland. These hormones then give energy to the various cells of the human body.

There are following types of thyroid disorders and there symptoms are also briefed.

Hypothyroidism: This thyroid disorder is an under active thyroid disorder. This disorder makes the physical processes slow due to lack of thyroid hormone. The symptoms of this disorder are fatigue, gain in body weight, constipation, sudden drop in blood pressure, fluid retention, pain in the whole body etc.

Hyperthyroidism: This thyroid disorder is an overactive thyroid disorder. The metabolism is fast due to excess supply of thyroid hormone. The symptoms of this disorder are insomnia, loss in body weight, heart rate increase, sudden rise in blood pressure, disturbance in visibilty,diarrhea etc.

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease: The two autoimmune thyroid disorder diseases are Hashimoto’s and Graves disease. The symptoms of Hashimotos are same as hypothyroidism. The hashimoto’s disease comes due to the hypothyroidism. The graves disease symptoms are same as hyperthyroidism.

Goiter: The goiter is as disease in which the thyroid becomes enlarged. There neck becomes swollen, tight.The symptoms include cough, hoarseness in voice and it becomes difficult to breathe and swallow. You can see the goiter in the mirror.

Nodules: The nodules are lumps that are formed sometime inside and outside of neck. The symptoms of nodules totally rely on the action they have on them. Many nodules are symptomized by pain in the neck, hoarseness in the voice, tenderness in the neck. Sometimes the nodules take the form of hypothyroidism and sometimes hyperthyroid-.In these situations the same symptoms as mentioned above come up. Some nodules do not show any symptoms while in some cases they come between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid symptoms.

Thyroid Cancer: The thyroid cancer show no symptoms initially but later on there appears a lump on the neck, change in the voice of the person, swollen neck, difficult to breath and swallow.

Thyroiditis: The thyroiditis disorder symptoms are pain in the area of thyroid; neck and throat, insomnia. Sometimes the thyroiditis elicit hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms.

In addition to these thyroid disorders the thyroid also bears the following risks:

The chances of thyroid disorders are more in women as compared to men. It can occur at any stage of life but chances are more in above 50. The risk increases in case you have this problem in your ancestors. The treatment of thyroid through surgery or through radioactive iodine treatment leads to under active thyroid. The high stress factors in your life increases the chances of thyroid.

The risk of autoimmune disease is greater for left-handed, ambidextrous people. The smoking is the greatest enemy of you as it can give you thyroid disorder. The over consumption of soya foods, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, turnips etc. Any kind of exposure to radiations to your neck area. Any kind of trauma of neck, biopsy or surgery. Due to the deficiency of iodine or exposure to contrast dye of iodine. The chances are more in pregnant women till the child is of one year.

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