In the early days going to college was a project in itself. First thing that poke my brain was the morning alarm and that was the perfect time to catch the sleep for next 15 minutes but soon came the groaning voice of father “Getup you lazy brat…”.

So we rush, rush to the bathroom, stand under the shower and again try to catch the sleep while cold water is flowing all over you. Suddenly there is a big bang on the door! Yes, its mother in her worried voice, “Please hurry up you are getting late…” Then its rush-rush. else, I will miss the class.

Managed to reach college just 5 minutes before time and Oops, even though I reached on time the instructor is not well and the class is cancelled and that time I felt I should sue the instructor for not letting me complete my sleep and the day is lost.

I know all of you had similar experience and had always been in search of a solution to get rid of these conditions. Hence, some technical geek one day came up with something called as e-learning and the world changed.

Now I can attend my class anytime, from anywhere!
Doesn’t matter whether I am an early riser or a night owl, my instructor is also happy till the time my online assignments are done on time and I am able to take up my assessments and secure good grades. Now, I can do my Bio Chemistry practical sitting in the comfort of my room and the “rush rush” effect has gone.

But then as with all good things has some dark side these online courses also has some big pitfalls and I would like to draw your attention towards that.

Thus, this gives us the flexibility to learn anything, anytime and from anywhere. But, somehow we could not understand this freedom and mess it up with other things and learning then turns out to be ineffective. I would like to draw your attention towards the pitfalls that lead to the dark side of e-learning and how you can cope-up with them to make it effective:

Scheduling it right: - The first and foremost thing is to say set a schedule. Yes, you have to be very strict with yourself for setting it up and follow it, yes there is a flexibility of time which you can choose, else things will get piled up and the day is not far when instead of fun learning it will feel like a heavy burden. Hence plan up and follow the schedule and keep tweaking it, else it’s a proven trap and then there is no easy escape.

Getting distracted? Cut off Your Communications:
To learn online course we go online over the net, and in your computer you have enabled skype to be turned on. Similarly the other instant messengers tell the whole world that you are online and suddenly you start getting pings from all your friends. Not only that, even your sweet girlfriend will also prefer the same time to share all problems of her life and you also flow with it. This hampers your learning. It’s a good idea that when you start the course as per schedule, try to put your mobile on silent mode and just whack off these online messengers to avoid distraction.

Set Reward for Hard Work: When you complete a course and clear the assessment with good grades, ensure that you reward yourself with that much awaited T-shirt or take your girlfriend for a much awaited dinner or just chill with friends This way they also know what you are doing these days and more over this will help to boost you up for taking the course forward and motivate you for the next level of success.

To conclude, if we do not understand the power in our hands, we tend to burn our hands. It’s very easy to fall in these traps and by the time we realize, it’s too late!

Set you rules right and follow them, if you really want to take the advantage of online education and move out of that “rush-rush” effect.

Author's Bio: 

Achin Banerjee is currently handling the position of Delivery Head

with Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt Ltd.

He takes care of the tools and technology related to the

e-Learning, Localization and Multimedia Engineering domains.