After reading “A Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter, I have not been the same! It is truly life infusing!

Even though I have been a Christian for thirty years I have never been so conscious of the consequences of sin. The church in general has been much too complacent about the judgment of God. We want all of His blessings; yet we don’t want to follow all of His Commandments. In Deuteronomy 28 God clearly lays out his criteria for being blessed. The consequences of not adhering to the Ten Commandments are curses!

Complacency enters the carnal mind when you are not willing to relinquish a part of you to the Lord. A Divine Revelation of Hell depicts so plainly how the devil will plant thoughts contrary to God’s Word. Just as in Genesis Satan seduced Eve with the words “Has God said” and “surely you will not die,” he tries to make you interpret the Word to suit your own desires.

Your own thoughts will get you into trouble. For instance, one commonly held belief both in the world and in Christian circles is that God is a loving, forgiving God. The underlying hope is that even if you should die in sin this instant, He will forgive you.

The phrase that keeps coming to my mind as I’m writing this is that God is not mocked!

He is a Holy God. He sent Jesus Christ to die for your sins in order that you may walk free in His Power and worthy of His glorious inheritance.
The scenes of hell are way beyond awful; the worst part being that the abject horrors and sufferings are eternal. Jesus cries as souls recognize Him and beg Him to get them out of there. Yet they curse Him, indicating that they are still not repentant.

There are many sections in this horrible netherworld. One is for those who succumbed to the lusts of the flesh. Friends, it is an abomination to God; an offence, a crewel trap of the enemy! God’s love requires that you share the message of Salvation that Jesus came to set sinners free, and give them power to have victory over the enemy.

All those in hell had heard the gospel preached, and been given the chance to repent. It is your choice. God has given us a free will! There are many backsliders there as well. It woke me up out of my smug Christianity. I want to be in that number when Jesus returns and takes me up with Him into heaven!
True love is the realization that God loved you even as a sinner. You cannot share that kind of love unless you have acknowledged that Jesus Christ paid the price for you. That’s what sets you free.

The scenes and dialogue in A Divine Revelation of Hell are all Biblical. The end-times are here! All the signs are around us: plagues (swine flu, etc.), wars, catastrophic weather events, one world order, failing economies and rampant deception. Do not be blind to these signs. Satan and his hordes know the end is near and are out in full force to keep many from entering into their inheritance of eternal salvation.

All power is given in the Name of Jesus. His Blood covers all sin. No matter how trapped you are in sin, and think that there is no way out; there is one way. Cry out to Jesus! He will show Himself to you and set you free. Bless you!

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Ann Stewart is author of With Wings As Eagles, and writes articles to inspire and encourage you to fulfill the purpose God has for your life.