The model industry has set high standards for aspiring models that have become somewhat unhealthy – and too unreasonable. As an aspiring model, you have to possess certain physical qualities that need to attain these so-called standards, such as having a lighter color and a fit or close-to-thin body physique. Due to these qualifiers, some models go beyond what they can; what their body and mind can take – getting on extreme diets or even trying whitening products here and there just to feel somewhat belong in the industry. It’s too late when you realize that your body can only take so much and it can eventually take its toll.

These standards disrupt the models' perception of themselves. These standards changed how the public or society should see beauty. These standards, however, have started to change gradually, and Thrive Elites is making sure they are embarking on this change with grace. They are now bringing awareness to the plus-size models and how everyone should be accepted regardless of their skin color and body weight.

Thrive Elites encourages their model to be healthy rather than just fit; to embrace their color and their ethnicity; to accept themselves as who they are because no one is better than anyone. The model technology company wants to make a difference in the old standards by spreading acceptance and belongingness to everyone who dreams of being in the modeling industry. Thrive Elites believes that someone glows the most when they feel good about themselves, and that is what they are doing for their models.

On top of encouraging models to accept body positivity and giving assurance to its models that standards are man-made and they can set new standards for themselves, Thrive Elites also makes sure that their models are mentally healthy. With this acceptance and belongingness given to their models, the mental state of everyone is also reassured.

Telling plus-size models that they are not capable of certain things because of their body structure batters their mindset, and it is not healthy. Thrive Elites know this too well, so they do not only hold pep talk sessions but really meaningful ones. Thrive Elites is taking care of its models by seeing to it that they have a better mental space to work in a harsh environment where people judge you solely by your look.

With a better mental state, Thrive Elites plus-size models can project to the cameras and runaways professionally. With the mindset that they are accepted and that they accept themselves as well, they can thrive and do the work better than anyone who feels aloof and neglected. Thrive Elites know what to say and how to take care of their plus-size models, preparing them to a greater competition that allows them to flourish and grow – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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