As our economy continues to do the best it can to get back on it’s feet, heading to the grocery store can be a fright in itself. Especially at the checkout when all is said and done and you discover your grand total. Being careful to purchase exactly what you are in need of when your trip is upon you takes vision and follow through when being prudent.

Spending a little time prior to the trip to the grocery store can produce savings that add up over time and do not require much upfront preparation on your end. So if your budget is shrinking there’s no need to let that worry you as you prepare for your weekly food shop. Being aware of what specials are being offered at the supermarket, creating a plan of action to take advantage of the particular bargains and following through with their offers will put money back into your wallet to use on future purchases. Why not follow the steps below and become an economical shopper? This will allow you to leave the store with a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

~Purchase the Sunday newspaper. Not only does this paper have the weekly store sale fliers in it, it also boasts numerous coupon booklets to take advantage of for extra savings.
~Buy yourself a coupon organizer file. This item can be found at most grocery stores or pharmacies for just a few dollars. Make sure it is sturdy and user friendly.
~Meander among the coupon booklets and cut out any coupons that apply to items needed. Be aware to not fall prey to purchases just because you have a coupon. If you do not usually buy the said item, do not clip the coupon. Stay focused on your true needs.
~Create a separate list for each store you will be visiting. I like to create my list on a #10 envelope which also acts as a storage unit for the coupons being used at said store.
~Ponder through the weekly store fliers where you would like to shop, circling potential sale items for purchase. Match up the purchase item with any impending coupon.
~Document items to be bought and place any coupons in the corresponding list envelope.
~When you actually arrive at the store be thoroughly aware to select the correct item size and brand that coincides with the special price and handy coupon.
~Do your ultimate to only purchase what’s on the list; try not to stray from your necessities.
~When checking out be sure to weed out unneeded items from your cart prior to the scan.

You’ll be thrilled with the receipt savings as you bid farewell to the grocery store for one more week and head home to stock your shelves. Just a smidgen of prior planning time at home and you’ll end up with a bunch of bonus George’s in your wallet.

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